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Long Nightdresses

If you would like to buy a silk nightdress or a luxury satin long night nightdress then you will find a dreamy selection to explore here. Top European brands and designers are represented here with some options that are made to measure. These are women's nightdresses that are for when you want to dress to impress.

All the nighties in this section are long and are made either in real silk or top quality polyester satin. You will find short chemise and baby doll options in other sections.

Shopping Guide

Whether you are buying a nightdress for yourself or as a gift for someone else these are some top tips for ensuring that your purchase is a success.

  1. Always check the size information available on the product page if the product is a standard off the shelf garment because sizes can vary between manufacturers. If you are an international customer check the size information specially designed for you in the international size tab.
  2. Made to measure garments from the the designer brands, Diki and Jane Woolrich take away the worry about the fit because these nightdresses are made using your measurements. You will need to supply bra size, waist and hip measurements plus height when you check out your order. But don't panic if you are buying as a secret gift and cannot get all of that information. We can manage with just bra size and height, but the fit will more like an off the shelf garment.
  3. Always check our availability message on the product page - it will tell you how long it will be, approximately, before we send your order.
  4. If you are buying for a specific date, always order early to avoid stress.

About the Brands

The brands include in this section are:

  • Diki Lingerie
  • Coemi
  • Jane Woolrich
  • Liliana Casanova

Diki Lingerie is a long established designer brand. All the beautiful Diki nightdresses are designed by Diane Rubach and use real silk and embroidered lace. There is subtle sexiness about the Diki designs many of which are made in rich colours like ruby red and dark orchid purple. These nightdresses are made to measure in the UK.

Coemi is a luxury European brand. Based in Poland Coemi designs are beautifully made, most often in fine polyester satin with French lace. They are standard off the shelf styles. Sadly Coemi have not created many new long nightdresses this year so we don't have much to offer in this brand.

Jane Woolrich is famous world wide for her romantic nightwear designs. She is another UK designer and each garment is made to measure for you by a single seamstress. Because Coemi are not making the range of long satin nightdresses that they used to we now offer several of the Jane Woolrich designs in satin.

Liliana Casanova is a French Couture Brand that specialises in romantic silk nightwear. The nightdresses are mostly off the shelf standard sizes from UK8 to UK20, but they will consider modifications on request. Please note that any Liliana Casanova garment which is modified becomes a bespoke garment and therefore not elligible for return.