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Balconette Bras for Beautiful Uplift

Balconette bras have side attached straps which help to create a curvaceous uplift. This is because the straps at the side of each cup lift the entire bust to create an open look with a fully visible cleavage. This is ideal for wearing with low cut necklines. Explore this selection to find your favourite balconette bra.

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Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

More About The Balconette Bra Style

Out on the web you may find a balconette bra described as open, shelf or demi cup. This can be confusing. It may also put off some women. Women who do not want to be so uncovered may think the balconette bra is not for them. The truth is a balconette bra can be full cover. The one constant feature of all balconette style bras is that they have straps at the side of each cup.

These side attached straps create a gorgeous open look. Great for wearing with low or wide cut necklines where the wearer wants to show off some cleavage but not all of the bust. Fabulous for formal party frocks or wedding dresses with deep scoop necklines.

We recently found a really good YouTube video which illustrates the difference between a balconette bra and a plunge bra. Why not take a look - it is very helpful. Lingerie Shop Logo
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