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13 December 2022  |  Essili

Just to be clear. We are now not shipping products until the new year. Reasons and detail follow in this blog post.

21 June 2017  |  Essili

I'd be surprised if anyone is still following our blog, it has been so long since we last posted.

2 May 2017  |  Essili

Welcome to Linda from who has given us some insights into how swimwear can boost confidence. Read on to find out how.....

23 March 2017  |  Essili

The thing about erotic underwear is it is something that we want all the year round. Not just for birthdays and anniversaries but any occasion and any time, whether to spike up a flagging relationship or as part of the excitement of a new love affair.

22 March 2017  |  Essili

It may be hard to think of hot summer days when the wind is blowing icily over most of the UK but the Spring Equinox was only last Monday and before we know it we will be needing swimwear.

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