Another Year Ends

31 December 2013  |  Essili

2013 has not been an especially easy year for Ever-so-Sexy. The new page layout of Google with so much more space given over to paid search results has undoubtedly had an impact on our new visitor numbers and so we should say a really big thank you to our very loyal existing customers for continuing to seek us out to buy their lingerie and swimwear. And congratulations to all the new customers who still managed to find us despite the plethora of advertisements on the Google search results.

At the end of May we moved to our new premises in Station Road and although the move went very smoothly with no impact on customer deliveries, it did prove stressful and increased the work load for everyone until we had settled in to our new home.

The year also had its share of niggles. The most irritating being deliveries going astray. Thankfully less than 1% of our shipping gets lost but for the few customers who are affected the low loss rate is no compensation. We do understand this and make every effort to resolve the problem as quickly as possible despite the very slow reporting time from Royal Mail on lost parcels.  

Royal Mail were also responsible for further unnecessary costs and frustration when they changed their labelling requirements for the second time within twelve months and also increased their postal charges. Despite this we decided not to pass the increased cost on to our customers.

But not everything was problematic during the year.  Some manufacturers and suppliers proved themselves to be first in class for the support and service that they provided and an absolute joy to trade with. So a big thank you to:

Sonata Lingerie who went that "extra mile" on several orders where the customer either required a bespoke garment or had made a mistake on their initial order.

Liliana Casanova who supported rushed orders by shipping directly to customers who had left placing their order to beyond the last minute.

Gorteks for their super efficient order processing and for tipping us off in advance when scarce product was going to be available again.

Luxxa for being able to deliver orders from France to us in the UK faster than some of our UK suppliers!

So with less that 11 hours left of 2013 we turn our thoughts to future plans.  We already have some of the stock of our new swimwear brand Bip-Bip and that will be appearing on the site soon. Roza Lingerie have some lovely new bra sets which we will also be putting on the web site soon. We are also appraising another new French lingerie brand. We plan to run regular competitions on Facebook and Flash (single day) Sales when you can pick up a bargain. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out when the Flash Sales happen.

We hope to make 2014 exciting and fun and full of lovely lingerie and swimwear that you just won't be able to resist.  Enjoy the parties tonight - Happy New from everyone at Ever-so-Sexy.

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