Average Bra Sizes Increasing

Thursday, 26 September 2013  |  Essili

In the words of the song from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Carousel, "June is bustin out all over", and so is Mary, Margaret, Janet and Michelle.  In fact all the girls are "bustin" out as average bra sizes have got bigger and bigger over the years.

According to a study reported earlier this year by lingerie company Intimacy, the national average bra size in the USA has increased in the last 30 years, growing from a petite 34B to a pulchidtrudous 34DD. A study by UK retailer Debenhams last year also found that busts were bigger today than in the past.

Although we have not done an official study at Ever-so-Sexy, we have noticed an increasing demand for larger cup sizes and so have sought out manufacturers who can meet this need.  Gorteks stands out among our manufacturers for offering bra cup sizes up to H size, while Axami offer cup sizes up to E in both their romantic and their sexy collections. Which is rare among sexy lingerie manufacturers,  many of whom still seem reluctant to recognise that bigger girls also like sensual undies.

The fact that many women now have very generously sized busts with otherwise petite frames is a problem when it comes to buying one-piece garments such as nightwear. Nightdresses are made to the same measurement used for dresses and so far these have not been changed to take account of the new body shape that has emerged.

When researching for this article the latest ISO standard I could find for mass produced clothes was dated 1991. A full 22 years ago, during which time the average bust size has moved by as much as two 2 cup sizes. As a result we are increasingly finding customers who are disappointed not to be able to buy the nightdress of their choice because it is too small across the bust. Buying a bigger size is not the answer for them because the rest of the nightdress is far too big on the hips and waist. At Ever-so-Sexy we do have a very large selection of made to measure nightwear from the designers, Diane Rubach and Jane Woolrich but these top end garments are not within everyone's budget. So we can only hope that the folk responsible for setting the standard sizes for women's mass produced clothes wake up to this change very soon. In the meantime we predict a growth in the purchase of separates, such as camisoles and pyjamas where bottom and top garments in different sizes can be bought to match the wearer's needs.

Products mentioned in this article can be found at these links: Gorteks. Axami. Diane Rubach designed garments. Jane Woolrich designed garments. Camisoles. Pyjamas.

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