Axami Styles in Japanese Film

Thursday, 13 June 2013  |  Essili
Axami push up bra with matching garter belt and string.

Axami are very pleased to announce this morning that some of their lingerie has been used in a Japanese film. The film is called Figiua na Anata. As we don't speak Japanese we can't tell you what that means, but maybe one of our Japanese customers will see this blog post and will help us out with a translation. Google Translate could only tell us that figiua means figure.

The director is Takashi Ishii and the movie will be shown at many international film festival including some in Europe. If you would like to know more about this film, the official website is: Health and safety warning - the clip we saw on the official site was quite violent! And again it was all in Japanese so did not provide us with more information that we could pass on.

Back to the lingerie! The styles used are the gorgeous pink set called Lolita which is already a best seller on Ever so Sexy and another equally gorgeous violet coloured set called Milady which you can see in the image here and will be joining our Axami line up very soon.

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