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Wednesday, 6 August 2014  |  Essili

For many years the product images on Ever-so-Sexy had curved edges and a drop shadow like the one shown below. Then a year or so before we rebranded as Essili we changed to the more conventional plain rectangle. But that unusual shape for our images had an unplanned benefit. Read on to find out how it helped us discover a faker at work.

I was browsing through the web when my eye was caught by an image that was clearly one of our old curved style images in the Google Shopping results.  I followed it through to find an Ebay listing for an overseas supplier. I won't identify the business using our image or give them the benefit of a link for the very good reason that they are selling fakes. Even though the product image is genuine and they cheekily describe the product as Lola Luna, the price alone should warn any sensible shopper. But here is our original image:

Now this sort of thing makes me very very angry! No one benefits from counterfeiting except the company producing and selling the fakes, Ebay and PayPal who take their slice from each transaction and Google through advertising revenue.

The consumer (you) does not benefit and the originator of the design and the original product has had their brand devalued and lost sales of the real product. Genuine retailers such as ourselves lose sales. Customers who are naive enough to buy a fake product end up with an inferior product and very often no come back or ability to get their money back when they realise they have not bought the genuine article.

I contacted Jean Michael at Lola Luna about my discovery and he said that he already knew about the company I had found. They are Chinese and despite complaints he has been unable to stop them. 

It was because of this company counterfeiting the Guil design that Lola Luna had to discontinue the style. Guil had been a favourite design for many years and it is a shame that when all genuine stock in the network of authorised Lola Luna retailers has been sold, the genuine Guil design, will be lost to new Lola Luna fans. 

So take heed of this cautionary tale. Do not buy lingerie, Lola Luna or any other brand if it is well below the price you would normally expect to pay and try always to buy from reputable authorised retailers.

Although Guil is no more, Lola Luna have released another very attractive all black string with crystal side links called Agatha black and if it is the lace style you like and you could accept red instead of black then check out Roxanne. These suggestions can be found in our Lola Luna section.

Post updated: 24/8/2015. This blog is the copyright of Crysalis Ltd and may not be copied in part or full without prior written permission.


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