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Thursday, 26 November 2015  |  Essili

Black Friday is a retail invention first started in the USA. Like so many things from across the Atlantic Black Friday has not taken too long to appear in the UK. 

In America Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season with discount offers designed to encourage consumers to spend.

Amazon introduced the day to the UK some five years ago and last year Black Friday made a big impact on UK retail resulting in some unpleasant scenes on the high street as shoppers fought over bargains. It turns out though that shoppers need to be wary of more than just abuse from their fellow bargain hunters. The more unscrupulous retailers (and there are some big names among them) are not above manipulating prices so that offers appear more attractive than they really are.

The BBC program Watchdog highlighted a number of dubious offers in their program tonight.

This year some UK based retailers are choosing to pass by on this event and Essili is one of them. We did not join in with the Black Friday madness in 2014 and we will not be joining in this year either.

As an online retailer it is not the physical safety of our customers that concerns us. We are concerned that events such as Black Friday can and do damage trust between customer and retailer and that is the reason we will not be joining in with Black Friday.  

We do have discounted product, not just on Black Friday but throughout the year so that our customers can pick up a bargain from us at any time. Our discounts occur when the product is coming to an end or we have made an error and over bought. They are genuine discounts that really do reduce our margin where we have chosen to take the hit to shift the stock.

With opportunities to pick up a bargain throughout the year, and normally competitive prices plus loyalty points for all account holders we think our offer is fair and honest and we won't be artificially manipulating prices to scam people into thinking they are getting a great deal when they are not.


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