Bracli Pearls Revisited

Monday, 30 November 2015  |  Essili

Manacor pearls from Bracli, availabel in natural or black.Back in 2013 we did a piece on the pearls that are so much an important part of Bracli lingerie. Now thanks to a tip off from a customer we can revisit the subject. (You can read the earlier post here:

Many people know that the classic thong, the original pearl thong, was made famous by an appearance in Sex in the City but now the pearls themselves have made a television appearance. They were part of the BBC2 program Great Continental Railway Journeys presented by Michael Portillo who visited Manacor where the pearls are made on his journey from Barcelona to Mallorca.

We missed the program first time around and would not have known about it had not one of our customers told us it had been on. Then thanks to the BBC iPlayer we were able to catch up with the program.

Because Manacor is on Mallorca the part of the program that features the pearls is about 8 minutes from the end of what is a 59 minute program but it is well worth watching through from the beginning. From viewing the great architecture of Barecelona and insights into the unrest before and during the Spanish Civil war to the delights of a lemon and orange grove on Mallorca it is varied and interesting dip into Spain, its history, people and culture and is a charming program to watch. 

If you watch it through to the last eight minutes you will get to see the Manacor pearls in production. You will see them being dipped into the liquid coating that dries to become that beautiful lustrous pearl so very much like a pearl from an oyster. The recipe for that dip is a secret guarded closely by the company that has been making pearls since 1902. You will see the pearls being strung and Michael Portillo having a go at stringing with not much success and you will even learn that the Manacor pearl is exactly the same weight as a natural pearl.

You can see the program here where it available for the next 28 days.

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