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Monday, 24 August 2015  |  Essili

Back in July the UK distributor for Bracli Lingerie gave up the franchise. Lingerie is a difficult and competitive market place and the distributor decided to move on to fresh business challenges. That left the UK without a brand distributor. 

Now would be a good moment to explain the role of a distributor in the lingerie industry. You will no doubt have noticed just how many small online lingerie boutiques there are - just imagine if they all held stock! There would be far too much product out in the network and many of the smallest shops would sink under the cost burden.

The fact is that most online retailers don't hold Bracli stock, that is (or was) the job of the distributor. Some online retailers do hold some stock (us included) but often it is only of the high running styles or sizes and the other styles would be called in from the distributor as and when an order was placed.  Or in some instances the distributor would send the item directly to the retailer's customer under a system called drop shipping. 

So when the Bracli UK distributor pulled out this year that left a lot of retailers with no option but to buy directly from the manufacturer which immediately meant extra shipping costs and more waiting time for the customer unless the retailer chose to hold stock in the UK.  

As you would expect we checked out what other retailers were doing and it seemed that most were going down the back to back route, presumably hoping that it would not be too long before a new distributor would be appointed. We have chosen to do something slightly different.  We have long been a stock holder of the Lola Luna brand making us the most reliable UK source for that brand and we decided that we would do the same for Bracli, at least for the most popular styles. With sterling being strong against the Euro it made sense to stock as we could buy in sufficient quantity to wipe out shipping cost and hold down our prices at a level that makes us one of the best value places to buy Bracli.

Bracli Classic Pearl ThongDecision made. we began stock profiling in late July and now all the Bracli Classic Pearl Thongs (as shown in the image) are UK stock with same day despatch. The Classic Pearl Thong comes in ivory, white, red and the ever popular black lace with a strand of natural coloured Manacor cultured pearls.

Atame, the pearl strand accessory, was the next to become UK stock and we were able to add the black pearl version to the line up.

As for the rest of the Bracli line up, some styles are already in UK stock but until all colours and size options are here we will continue to quote a within 10 days despatch time.

At the same time we made some major changes to the Bracli section of the site. All the product images are shown without a model... less distracting perhaps! But if you prefer to see the garments on a model you still can by visiting the new Bracli Gallery.

And if you are keen to know more about the history of this great brand you can as we now have a direct link to Bracli at the bottom of the Bracli category page

We really hope that the changes we have made will make us the go to place for UK customers shopping for Bracli. Its a great sexy brand and makes a fabulous gift from one lover to another.


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