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Friday, 8 November 2013  |  Essili

As a general rule the majority of customers buying luxury lingerie as Christmas gifts are men. Which is a problem when it comes to forward planning.  Let's be honest guys. Most of you do tend to leave the Christmas shopping to the last minute. And that is something you just cannot do when you are buying made to order or made to measure lingerie. These special garments are made individually and can take anything from three to six weeks to be ready for despatch so there is no way you can leave these to the last minute. In fact the Christmas order book for Jane Woolrich Design closed this week but you can still buy some stunningly beautiful luxury lingerie by designers, Diane Rubach and Sonata Rapalyte. So let's getting shopping before it is too late. Here are the last order dates for these designers:

  • Diki Lingerie - 9th December
  • Sonata Lingerie - 12th December

These dates are for UK delivery. Overseas customers have almost left it too late already and should place their order as quickly as possible.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed we have not mentioned Liliana Casanova the French designer brand of high end luxury sleepwear. The reason for this is we have no confirmed date yet from the people at Liliana Casanova. But as a general guide we would not expect their cut off date to be any later than Diki. 

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