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Saturday, 22 February 2014  |  Essili

Part of my job is to keep up to date with trends and to know what is happening in the retail market place. Lingerie has always been a competitive market which can be great for consumers but not always.

What do I mean? 

I mean watch out for something that looks unbelievably cheap because it is more than likely to be a fake.

The murkier areas within the lingerie industry have traps for the unwary shopper looking for a bargain. This can be shoddily made goods or dodgy online shops breaking all the trading standards rules. But it can also mean fake goods. A copy of a much better garment but not made to the standard of the original, a fake usually means badly made by someone working in conditions that you would not want your worst enemy to work in.

You only have to do the math - a babydoll nightie for under £10 including shipping hardly covers the cost of the materials let alone a fair wage for the seamstress. 

Take for instance this pretty babydoll nightie and thong from Irall, in the Mirabelle design, which we have on our site... guess what you can buy it for less than £10 - well not really.

Not if you want the genuine article.

But I found this nightdress being advertised on eBay for £10 with free shipping.  At least the seller on eBay was using a different product image to the genuine article and it was relatively easy to spot it as a fake - but only if you knew the real product.

The unwary shopper could buy the eBay garment and would undoubtedly be disappointed with its quality.  So what? I hear you ask. Does it matter? The shopper gets something cheap and as the old saying goes.... you get what you pay for. 

Well it does matter, it matters for the genuine retailers, and it matters for the originating manufacturer who designed the garment that has been copied. It even matters for the gullible buyer who will has wasted their hard earned money.

So don't be one of those gullible buyers. There are ways to avoid being tricked and here is our three point check list:

  1. Always buy from reputable online suppliers.
  2. If you see something on Ebay that you like check it out on the wider web.
  3. Avoid anything that is suspiciously cheap

These three points will help you avoid disappointment when shopping online.

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