Clothes Maketh The Man but Lingerie Makes the Woman.

Sunday, 22 November 2015  |  Essili

The saying, "clothes maketh the man" may be old but is it really true? Will someone become wealthy just by wearing expensive clothing or turn into an airline pilot by donning a pilot's uniform? No, of course not. Although other people might assume by the cut of the suit or the uniform that the wearer is a wealthy person or pilot. So the proverb may be old but it really isn't completely true - clothes don't make the man although they can create an image. Clothes are a statement of identity and this is really the point that the proverb is trying to make.

When it comes to women and lingerie the situation is a little different. Lingerie can and does make the woman. Just take a look at a woman wearing a badly fitting bra to understand this.

Lingerie, most especially bras and support wear are far more than just clothes to cover the body. With the magic of elastic fabrics, under wires and boning they support and uplift parts of a woman's anatomy that gravity would rather pull down.

When I was a young school girl we had a deputy head teacher who, as another old saying goes, carried all before her. She was not fat but she certainly was well built and unfortunately she had not discovered the magic of a good bra.  Consequently she always looked like she had stuffed two large cottage loaves inside her blouse. The "loaves" rested just above her tweed skirt waist and bobbed up and down as she moved. What a pity that Miss G never invested in a well fitted bra. She would have looked a lot younger, would have been much more comfortable and would also not have been the subject of her student's wicked sense of humour. Children can be so very cruel.

So unlike other clothes, lingerie starts with shaping your body to its most attractive form. Physically making you look good. But that is not all - lingerie really is a special form of clothing because not only can it shape you to look your best it can also make you feel good about yourself, giving you a confidence boost that will carry you through the day. Physically and mentally lingerie does make the woman. Invisible to most people it is a woman's secret vanity shaping her curves and making her feel beautiful.

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