Do You Really Need a Negligee?

Sunday, 14 August 2016  |  Essili

A negligee can be long or short but the one constant of a negligee is the lightness of the fabric used to make it. Chiffon or lace are the most frequently used materials and very often it is a combination of both like the one below:

Silk Chiffon Negligee

Very beautiful, a negligee can be such a sexy garment but practical bedroom wear it is not!

A negligee will not keep you warm if the bedroom is cold and it won't cover you modestly if you need to answer the door to an unexpected visitor. For those sort of times a fleecy bathrobe like this one is much better:

Luxury fleece bathrobe

So the topic of this post is... should you have a negligee in your wardrobe when it really is not very practical?

Let's face it, we hard working women have to put practicality at the top of our shopping list most of the time. We don't have time for too much wafting around the bedroom in floating silk chiffon. Neither do we spend hours at the dressing table brushing our hair and looking beautiful. We are just too busy running a home, holding down a job and looking after the kids!

But there are times when we do want to create some romance. We want to wear something beautiful, splash on our best perfume and make the man in our life appreciate our feminine side. That's when the negligee comes into its own. A negligee is designed for romance.

So if you want to add a negligee to your wardrobe browse here but if you would like something more practical you will find that gorgeous fleece robe on our sister site, Sleep-Pretty-Nightwear.

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