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Friday, 16 October 2015  |  Essili

Essili is known for glamour when it comes to lingerie. High end lace and silk bras with matching panties, plus let's not forget the sexy sets that are here in abundance. So it is sometimes overlooked that we do have some simple every day undies to offer. So here is a quick review of some bras that are just the ticket when it comes to every days undies.

Black seamless cup bra ideal perfect for a smooth line under clothes.

You can't get much more plain and simple than this black seamless cup bra. Admittedly it does have a little touch of bling at the centre front in the form of a loop of crystals and the band is stretch lace but apart from those little touches this bra is plain and elegant - ideal for every day wear. Sadly it is a discontinued style and so in Clearance with only 32D size left in stock. 

Elegant push up bra for every day wear

This padded bra is another example of how every day underwear can still be very elegant. Shown in white here, it is also available in black, cream, beige and graphite (dark grey). For the sparkle averse it's good to know that there is no bling on this bra. But there are decorative features - a tiny bow at the front and embroidery on the cups.  Cup sizes start at C and go as far a H within band sizes of 30 to 38.

If these are not plain or simple enough for you then perhaps this bra (below) is more what you are looking for:

Sloggi Comfort Top

This is the Sloggi Comfort Top. This is the ultimate in comfort. A crop top bra with no wires and no padding. The broad elastic straps will not cut into your shoulders but the broad elastic band will provide support. The fabric has a high cotton content which is great for comfort and hygeine. The Sloggi Comfort top, previously known as the Sloggi 300 is the comfort bra to be worn during every day activities like walking the dog, cleaning the house or jogging in the park.

Now it is confession time! While the first two bras in this review are available on Essili, the Sloggi is not...but we know where you can get it!  You will find a full range of everyday bras and panties at Needundies, so it is the place to go when you are tired of our frills and thrills and just want something simple and comfortable.



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