Farewell to a Popular Jane Woolrich Design

Wednesday, 17 June 2015  |  Essili

On this occasion it is not the style but the lace that has been discontinued.

All the Jane Woolrich designs starting 06 used a very pretty lace with coloured embroidery. We offered these lovely designs in both silk and polyester satin options and they were very popular. Unfortunately, the lace was discontinued in 2015 and although Jane had some other embroidered lace options none of them really worked without new images to show customers. They say that people buy on the basis of the image and that really is quite true. So without images of the garments made up with the new lace it was impossible to continue offering these designs. So we sadly removed the 06 designs. Below we have listed the nightdresses and robes that have been affected by this change.

If you find yourself redirected to this page it is probably because you clicked on an old link to one of the 06 designs.

0673 - Pretty Nightdress with lace trimmed bust and chiffon bell sleeves also trimmed with lace.

0682 - A flowing chiffon robe with embroidered lace at the waist

0671 - An elegant nightdress

0691 - Chiffon and silk pyjama set.

The above styles are the ones that were available on Ever-so-Sexy before the rebranding to Other designs from Jane Woolrich starting 06 will also be unavailable with the original lace.



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