Focus on Ease of Use at Ever-so-Sexy

13 July 2014  |  Essili

We have always strived to offer our customers the best lingerie we could find. Whether it is chic and sexy, designer or every day underwear it has to be great quality. And it is important that fine product should be matched by the best possible customer service to ensure a really good customer experience. From the number of repeat customers we have we knew that we must be getting it right, a lot of the time.

Did we pat ourselves on the back and say well done? Absolutely not.

Lingerie retail is a crowded and competitive marketplace and there are more and more challenges every day to being successful in finding and keeping customers. So we are always reviewing what we do.  It was in one of these reviews that we realised that our site was no longer the best it could be. As we have grown, our website has grown too. More products have been added and more types of product as well and so the Ever-so-Sexy web site has become more and more complex. So it was time to make some changes.

The first development was a change of our navigation which we undertook at the end of June. The aim was to simplify the system and make it more obvious and intuitive. We removed the mega menus from the top navigation with their long lists of vaguely descriptive titles and multiple links to the same or similar product and replaced that tangled web of links with a main side navigation that contains clear and easy to understand product categories.

For the most part, the new side menu takes visitors directly to the products they are looking for. This is recognised to be best practise as the visitor gets where they want to go in the least amount of clicks. But there are some exceptions. Our designers are sorted into subcategories as are some of the off the shelf brands. In some situations this might be the best solution but not for every brand. Luxxa is one of these off the shelf brands where clicking on the brand name used to take you to a category made up of sub categories, with each sub category containing a single Luxxa design collection.  Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that I used the past tense twice when referring to the Luxxa category. That is because it is the first of the categories with sub categories to be changed. 

We were working on the Luxxa category anyway because of the new design collection, Poisson. So it seemed like the best moment to change the category itself. So over this weekend the change was made and all the Luxxa garments are now listed in a top level category and just one click away from the home page. But with a category as big as Luxxa (over 200 garments) and likely to grow as more of the new Poisson collection is added it was clear we had to do more than just create a big top level category. Fortunately the answer was in our filter or refine search facility. Like many much bigger online retailers Ever-so-Sexy can give visitors the option to filter products so that they can easily find what they are looking for. Our filter was previously set up to offer price, colour and size but with the addition of two more filters, collections and type, people looking for something specific from the Luxxa collections can filter the category down to only the items they are interested in. This works really well if a customer is looking for a specific style and colour and allows them to compare the designs from different collections. Or if they know the collection but only want to see the day lingerie from that category then they can. The changes to the Luxxa category were completed this morning and we hope our visitors will like the change.


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