It's Been A Long Time

21 June 2017  |  Essili

So... do I hear you ask, what's been happening? 

Answer: Quite a lot actually.

In fact too much to give everything a fair coverage here. So, I'm sorry, but I am going to write about what has been bothering us most. I'll ignore the petty - the people who disregard washing instructions and return an item (looking like a dish rag) outside the the returns period and still expect a full refund, I'll ignore the people who order identical items in different sizes and then return the bulk of the order because it doesn't fit! Ppleease... can you not understand your own body size? I'll ignore Brexit, which all but brought our company to its knees... I'll even ignore the pandemic. And just when we thought rogue customers, politicians and viruses had done all they could...Putin sends his troops into Ukraine, people are being locked up in appalling conditions in Shanghai because they tested positive for a disease which may have originated in China and some think may even have been manufactured there and our government are proposing to send refugees on a one way ticket to Rwanda...  and there's more but I'll stop now. Several times during the last few years I have asked, can it get any worse.... now I fear it has, and may get worse still. 

So why write about these dreadful things on a lingerie site's blog?

Because the greater mass of us are better than all of the above. Most people are kind and thoughtful of one another. Most customers check the size they need to order and accept their own error if they wash something delicate in the hot cycle. Most people welcome those in need, and hate oppression and violence. Most people tell the truth, or a version of it, most of the time.

Rogue customers and political leaders could stop and think first what their actions cost and maybe, just maybe do the right thing. Now there is a pleasant dream.

Essili has survived so far (nearly sixteen years) by always trying to play fair and do the right thing. But even though it has nor always been easy, we will continue that way. We are doing what we can to support the brave Ukrainians, we've remodeled the business to survive the negative impact of Brexit. We are speaking out against oppression and injustice and we continue to wear masks against COVID19 in crowded places whatever our government might say about 'no restrictions and learning to  live with the disease.'

And now we're back and raring to go! Next blog post will be about lingerie - promise!









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