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1 October 2013  |  Essili

It is a long time since the corset was an uncomfortable foundation garment to keep unruly flesh in check. More corsets are now worn as glamorous party clothing than probably any other single form of lingerie. And it is not difficult to understand why when you look at the choice available. The most popular is surely the classically elegant black corset like the Vollers velvet corset shown below. Black is popular because it can be worn with almost anything and will always look classy and sophisticated. 

Black velvet corset





























But there is such a choice of different colours and fabrics that it can be very difficult to decide. One manufacturer, well known for their corsets is Shirley of Hollywood. This American brand has a broad choice of mid-price glamour corsets with removable suspenders so that they are ideal to wear with a skirt, jeans or trousers. We have recently added some new options from this manufacturer and there will some more very soon.

For those with fat purses or deep pockets the choice is even wider with silk options from the designer Jane Woolrich and of course traditionally made classic corsets from the English corsetiere Vollers.

Links to products mentioned in this article: Black velvet corset. Shirley of Hollywood. Jane Woolrich. Vollers. 

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