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Wednesday, 20 January 2016  |  Essili

First a little bit of history. It is our ten year anniversary this year and so it seems a good moment to reflect on where we started and see how that has lead to where Essili is today.

We started life with the domain name ever-so-sexy and our very first brand was Lola Luna. They fitted perfectly into our plan to offer beautiful sexy lingerie that might not be available in UK lingerie high street shops. The logical next brand to arrive was Luxxa. Often thought to be the same company by those not in the know, Luxxa and Lola Luna are separate companies but are both based in southern France and both represent the very best in quality and design for luxury sexy lingerie.

Our tag line back in 2006 was "we search the world for beautiful lingerie so you don't have to" and we had to expand geographically at a rapid rate to ensure that we lived up to our words. So Diki Lingerie, a UK based designer brand was the next to join us and took us into nightwear as well as luxury silk lingerie. In Poland we found Axami, a brand that offered an excellent alternative to Luxxa for anyone unable to afford the high end price of luxury French lingerie. We also added Comet, an Italian brand of quality every day underwear sets, (bras with matching panties) and that set the seal on us being much more broad line in our range. We no longer only offered sexy lingerie or luxury silk designer lingerie - with Comet we could also offer the sort of underwear you would choose to wear for a day in the office or relaxing at home .

We were not quite a one stop shop as we never moved to offer sports bras or any of the many other styles of practical underwear that are at the other end of the spectrum of intimate garment styles to our core brands.

A few months on and we added swimwear, genuine Brazilian bikinis from Mar Egeu, it was a brand unknown to UK customers which was exciting for us. At the same time we also discovered Coemi another quality brand that we were able to introduce to the UK. Coemi, based in Poland, are the nearest you will get to buying high end designer nightwear without the high end price tag. That is not to say that Coemi are cheap because they are not, but they are less expensive than the designer brands and yet they offer exquisite styles and supreme quality. One more Brazilian brand, Sensualle joined our first brand line up which looked like this:

  • Luxxa 
  • Lola Luna
  • Comet
  • Diki
  • Axami
  • Mar Egeu
  • Coemi
  • Sensualle

This proved to be a good selection with six out of the above eight still main brands for us today. 

The challenge for any online lingerie store is keeping the offering fresh and interesting for the customer. Unlike the big brands who mostly stock with cheaply made "fast fashion" not designed to last or to be available for more than one season, smaller niche shops like Essili offer designs that may be available for several years, so keeping "the look" fresh is more difficult for us. The obvious solution is to keep on adding more new brands! And that is the way we went for several years from 2007 through to 2014 we added the following brands:

  • Anais
  • Bracli
  • Coquette
  • Dreamgirl
  • Gorteks Lingerie
  • G World
  • Corin
  • Loves Lingerie
  • Regi
  • Rene Rofe
  • Kiss me Deadly
  • Gracya
  • Gio
  • Roza Lingerie
  • Bip Bip
  • She
  • Lulu & Lush
  • Jane Woolrich
  • Liliana Casanova
  • Pompadour Lingerie
  • Sonata Lingerie
  • Vollers
  • Cervin
  • Leg Avenue
  • Ballerina
  • Gabriella
  • Roza Lingerie
  • Provocative Lingerie
  • Fearless & Fun
  • Beauty Night Fashion
  • Konrad
  • Avanua
  • Passion Lingerie
  • Caprice Natural Fashion
  • Miran
  • Obsession
  • Shirley of Hollywood
  • Marquise in Love
  • Irall
  • V.I.P.A.

As you can see it was a long list! For a small business, managing such a large number of suppliers is daunting both in working hours and the space required for stock. We even moved into larger premises to accommodate the stock. But this sort of strategy cannot continue and so in 2014 we stopped adding new brands and we reduced stock excluding the main brands so that we could move back to our smaller premises and reduce costs so that we would remain competitive.

It is not our plan to never add new brands again but since 2014 we have been slowly de-stocking less popular brands and focusing on closer working relationships with a core of high quality brands that are most popular with our customers.

Here is an overview of each of those core brands:


This Polish brand was formed by a woman and is a long established supplier of good quality sexy and glamorous bras, panties and nighties at affordable prices. Unlike many sexy lingerie manufacturers Axami make their quarter cup bras in real bra sizes which ensures a better fit that is more comfortable to wear. Over the years Axami have won awards for their stylish lingerie and they keep many of their styles running for a long time while introducing new designs on a regular basis. This means that Axami is a very big range and we do not offer all 


From Spain a selection of lace lingerie with pearls. Bracli is most famous for the classic thong which made an appearance in the TV show, Sex in the City but they also make baby doll nighties, very elegant lingerie bodies and other styles of thong and soft bralette tops. The original Bracli thong was invented by Luis Alvarez in 1996. The strategically placed pearls are there for more than decoration.


Based in Poland, the Coemi brand remains a really good alternative to luxury designer nightwear if you are a standard size. All of their nightwear is stylish or glamorous and can be divided into the type of fabric used: natural cotton or man made fabric including polyester satin. They have made garments in real silk previously and we do have limited stock of one design which is currently on run out. One of our all time best sellers was a long green satin nightdress with insets of black lace. Unfortunately in the following years Coemi have moved away from offering long nightdresses which is a great shame.


Another Polish brand, Corin offer a range of full cup bras in larger sizes. We have tested these bras as we know how difficult it is to find comfortable well made bras for the larger bust. Though more expensive than some brands and with only a limited number of styles to offer you can be sure that a Corin bra will be comfortable and provide excellent support.

Diki Lingerie

A UK designer brand of silk bras, panties and basques plus a range of nightwear also in real silk. The Diki garments are made to measure and so providing the correct measurements are provided when an order is placed you can be sure of a good fit. Diki Lingerie is over 25 years old and offers traditionally made luxury garments.

Gracya Lingerie

Bridal lingerie and glamour lingerie is the theme with Gracya. Established in 1979, they have specialised in wedding lingerie for many years and their designs are elegant and beautiful. In addition to the wedding lingerie Gracya also have a range of very glamorous bras and panties plus some pretty baby doll nighties.The bra size range of Gracya is also good so that even bigger girls can wear beautiful undies on their wedding day. Gracya like others in our core brands list is a Polish company.


Short satin nightdresses, pyjamas and robes, plus some very glamorous sexy nightwear is the offering from Irall Lingerie. Based in Poland using traditional methods but with the benefit of the most modern technology, Irall garments are excellent quality and represent really good value for money.

Jane Woolrich Design

Another UK designer brand and again the garments are made to measure. Most of the garments are made in real silk but we do have some polyester options in both satin and chiffon. The satin options in the Jane Woolrich collection does fill the gap in long satin nightdresses left by Coemi pulling out of production of these styles, but they are more expensive because they are bespoke. You can choose your material colour and lace lace colour  for many styles and the garment will be made for you by one seamstress, using traditional methods. The Jane Woolrich line up includes, chemises, long nightdresses and robes, bras, panties, corsets and accessories.

Liliana Casanova

Couture Lingerie from the home of high fashion, the French designer brand Liliana Casanova is often compared with Jane Woolrich and there are undoubtedly similarities in the styles - they both offer romantic and luxurious nightdresses but unlike Jane Woolrich, Liliana Casanova do not offer bras, panties or corsets, Instead they concentrate on creating dreamy nightwear that includes long nightdresses and robes, camisole sets, chemises and baby doll nighties. 

Lola Luna

We are still very proud to be a premier retailer of this luxury brand. Lola Luna are famous for their sexy g strings which come in three styles, mini, micro and open. Just occasionally, the micro may also be open. With few limited exceptions, Lola Luna strings are jewelled. The crystals are inset on the side links or form a central pendant. Lola Luna are based in south west France and have been creating their fabulous little works of art since 1982. In recent years they have broadened their collections to include tops and bras as well as swimwear.


Quality second to none somes up the Luxxa brand but that overlooks the cleverness of the design construction. They may offer a fairly limited range of bra sizes but the do ensure that you can adjust your outfit for a perfect fit. This started with the signature cross ribbons that were a feature on so many Luxxa designs but has extended to all sorts of innovations from adjustable straps in unexpected places and soft bras that will drape or uncover depending on your whim. All of the components in Luxxa lingerie are European sourced and the garments are made in south west France.

Mar Egeu

This Brazilian swimwear brand remains in our core list because of the quality and style of their garments. We have expanded the number of swimwear brands in recent years but will be analysing who stays and who goes in 2016 but whatever our decision Mar Egeu will remain in our main brands list.

Roza Lingerie

Yet another Polish brand! There is a good reason why so many of our brands are Polish. Historically Poland was the European centre for lingerie manufacturer and although some big high street names have moved their production to China there is still a strong manufacturing base in Poland where quality remains paramount. Roza Lingerie offer every day underwear with a touch of glamour so their lingerie sets are ideal gifts for any occasion.

Vollers Corsets

Possibly the oldest brand in our line up, Vollers has its roots in Victorian times when the corset was in fact every day underwear. Based in southern England the Vollers corset is traditional in design and construction. With a life time guarantee you cannot buy a better corset. In our modern times corsets have made their way from being undergarments to being very much on show. Team a velvet corset with a long velvet skirt and you have the most elegant of party wear. Top off a pair of jeans with a demin corset and you are glamour ready for a night out almost anywhere.

Gabriella, Coquette, Cervin, Gio, Ballerina and Leg Avenue

These brands have been grouped together because we only offer hosiery from them. Other brands such as Axami and Roza also have some stockings in their line up but are not specialists. Each of the stocking brands are important in supporting the main lingerie designs and therefore they all remain part of the main brand line up.

Anyone with half an open eye will have noticed that the main brand list is much shorter than the extended brands list that we reached in 2014 and you would be right if you thought some of those brands would be disappearing. Fearless & Fun, Lulu and Lush, Pompadour and Kiss me Deadly have already gone. Others will go as stock is sold out but others will remain as tier two brands for the moment.

Reducing our brands does mean that we will sometimes have to say no to customers but it also means that we can work more closely with our suppliers to provide a much better service.

So there you have it - our 2016 brand line up.

Our tag line might not be "we search the world" etc any more. We've done the searching, at least for the moment, and we know we offer some of the most beautiful high quality lingerie, nightwear and swimwear to be found anywhere.







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