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Saturday, 31 August 2013  |  Essili

Silk ChemiseChecking over the latest snippets of lingerie news I was amused to find two stories where lingerie was making a very public appearance. By which, I don't mean it was going down a wow on the catwalk, or even hanging out to dry on someone's very public washing line. No, I am referring to lingerie appearing in places you would not usually expect.

This sort of thing happens from time to time and usually causes a bit of a stir as did at least one of these events. I refer, to the painting of the Russian president shown wearing a chemise while brushing the hair of the Russian prime minister who is represented wearing a bra and what appears to be a thong or at the very least a pair of high hip panties. Apparently the artist responsible for this painting has now fled Russia, which is probably a more sensible move than his decision to paint Putin and his prime minister in female undies. Of course the president has not been shy in exposing his body before, posing shirtless in a manly fashion astride a horse and perhaps that has left him exposed (excuse the pun) to this rather strange form of satire. Apparently the artist is now in France having left his wife and young child behind in Russia. I make no comment on his behaviour, but leave you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions.

The second undies outed event this month is the Cher cover for her recently released album, Closer to the Truth. A very peach soft toned thing it is too. Cher, now 67, can be seen resting against something white and fluffy, wearing a chemise (a much nicer one than that worn by Putin). Admittedly the pose does not allow much of a view of either the singer or the garment and both benefit from the misty out of focus image style that smooths out any imperfections but singer and chemise do look good.

If these sudden very public appearances of chemises brings on a desire to own one of your own, you will find a fine selection here in the Chemise section of our Nightwear category.

The image is of a Liliana Casanova chemise, designed and manufactured in France.  The design is called Concorde.

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