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Compare the prices for Lola Luna

Tuesday, 5 August 2014  |  Essili

Lola Luna Prices Compared

We don't often give a specific Lola Luna discount because our pricing is usually the best. Take the whole transaction cost and compare it to other retailers and you will be surprised just how competitive we are. Here's an example:

Essili: Lola Luna closed G string - Kanza

Our Normal Price: £24.50
UK Delivery:  £3.00 

Total Cost £27.50

Plus if you open an account when you buy any lingerie or swimwear at Essili you get loyalty points. These are effectively a discount of 3% which is saved for you to spend in the future. Lola Luna closed G String - Kanza

Their Normal Price: 33.00 Euros
UK Delivery:  4.80 Euros
Total Cost 37.80 Euros converted to GBP = total Cost £27.50

We checked this one again today (9/9/2015) because the Euro/GBP exchange rate has changed in favour of GBP since this post was first written. The fall in the value of the Euro means that the original saving in 2014 of £2.57 is lost but you still get your order sooner if you are in the UK when you buy Lola Luna from Essili.

Ebay seller based in Kent: Lola Luna closed G String - Kanza

Their Normal Price £31.99
UK Delivery £3.00
Total Cost £34.99

You save a massive £7.49 by shopping at Ever-so-Sexy. Whoever said eBay was cheaper?

So there is the evidence that Essili (formerly Ever-so-Sexy) is really competitive. 

If you would like to check out the full range of Lola Luna Lingerie currently offered at Essili just follow this link: Lola Luna at Essili

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