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Wednesday, 13 August 2014  |  Essili

Luxxa Verseau bustierAs a large part of the French population prepare for their annual summer holiday, we start increasing our Luxxa stock and trying to plan for the gap in supply caused by Luxxa going on annual leave.

It might seem strange that an entire company should shut down for a holiday but quite a few in Europe still do (Luxxa included) and it is not so long ago that we in the UK had our own version of this summer event in our Wakes Weeks. These annual shutdowns were mostly in the North of England and were usually a one or two week period when businesses shut to allow all their staff to go on holiday at the same time. Although it is hard to imagine that the workers had much fun on their holiday as their leave was unpaid!

Coming up to date, Luxxa are on holiday until August 31st and as paid leave is now a right backed by EU legislation we can be confident that the Luxxa staff are enjoying their break from work.

Despite having restocked most lines we already find we have some shortages. The next replacement stock will be early September.  If you would like to know when an item will be restocked you can use our stock update system by clicking on the link "notify me when this item is available" which you will find under the size box on each product page. (It only appears if the item is out of stock and still available from the manufacturer).

But if you cannot wait until September visit our Luxxa section now to see what is currently still available for August delivery.

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