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Luxxa - More than Glamorous French Lingerie

Wednesday, 27 March 2013  |  Essili

Luxxa is justifiably well known for being a top end sexy lingerie brand. Based in France, Luxxa create both very sexy and very romantic lingerie. Each garment is beautifully made with great attention to detail using the very best of fine fabrics, all of which are sourced in Europe. But there is more to the Luxxa garments than glamour and quality. Increasingly they are creating clever lingerie!  Yes clever. I don't mean bras that can enter Mastermind or recite the Periodic Table. What I mean is the lingerie is engineered to be more adaptable or better fitting than other sexy lingerie and this is because of the original thinking that Luxxa bring to their design.

For a good few years it has been possible to adjust a Luxxa basque, body or bustier by using the criss cross ribbons that decorated these garments but had a secret functionality. Then Luxxa introduced adjustable straps on some of these garments so that the body length could be altered as well as the girth. When the lovely white Cancer collection was released another idea appeared. The body in the Cancer collection was designed to be completely open but could still be worn with any of the bras in the range so that it could be turned instantly into a demi cup or full cup body.

More recently, the Love collections...Love Creme, Love Noir and Love Rouge each have a really clever bra and string. The bra can be worn completely open or as a soft voile cup bra with halter neck fastening. The matching string can also be worn in two different ways. So you get two sets for the price of one.

At the same time Luxxa have brought out a new range of mini g strings. These are quite unique in that they are not only adjustable at the sides but also in the gusset so that they can be adapted to fit anyone who is in the size range XS to XXL.  What a blessing that is for someone buying a gift - no need to worry about buying the size when you buy a Luxxa Ose mini string.

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