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9 January 2016  |  Essili

It is sometimes thought that modern consumers don't care where something is made. They are not bothered if the person or persons involved in the creation of their purchase had good working conditions or the product itself was made with the best possible components and that might be true in part. The worldwide economic meltdown of 2008 scared most of us into spending less. But do we care less now about how and where our purchase is made and should we?

The answer has to be a resounding "NO". There are still many discerning consumers who care about how their purchases are made and indeed the quality of their purchase as well. 

It is that consumer who really appreciates quality and recognises good design who will get excited when they see "Made in France" because if the item is food, or fashion then they will know that they are in for a fabulous experience. The French know about fashion and food. Not for nothing are the words and phrases couture and haute cuisine French and synonymous with the best in design and quality. Plus if it is the consumer's social conscience that is pulling their strings, knowing that something is made in France, or in fact anywhere in Europe, means that the people who made the product were paid a fair wage and worked in safe surroundings.

Luckily at Essili we have a number of French brands that truly live up to all that one would expect from a made in France label.

The first of our premier French brands has to be Liliana Casanova. With a Parisian address and a range of romantic couture nightwear so beautiful that it will take your breath away, they are everything you would expect from a French luxury brand. Beautifully made silk nightdresses, robes and camisole sets made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

Next on our list of French brands has to be Luxxa Lingerie. Cleverly designed intimate lingerie that uses only European sourced fabrics Luxxa take imaginative creation to new heights with styles that are both romantic and seductive while not forgetting the practicality of ensuring a good fit by design elements that allow for personalised adjustments.

Finally, there is Lola Luna offering glamorous sexy g strings that are more works of art than underwear. Like Luxxa, Lola Luna is based in the south west of France and are without doubt the market leaders in their product. In recent times Lola Luna have expanded their collection to include accessories, bras and tops but it is still their beautiful and sexy, very often bejewelled, g strings that most people cannot resist.

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