Making the Most of Your Wish List

30 June 2015  |  Essili

As I explained to my friend a wish list on a web site is like your own personal shopping list. You can browse the items for sale and add those you like best to your wish list. She frowned and asked why you couldn't just use the shopping cart.

You can of course, I said, if you are planning to buy straight away, the simplest thing to do is add all the items you like to the cart and then review them, deleting those you don't like so much before you place the order. But a wish list is more permanent than cart contents which are usually only held for a number of days and you don't have to take items out of the list before going on to buy one or two.

I went on, warming to the subject as I saw that she was beginning to see the benefit of using the wish list feature, there are other reasons why a wish list is great. You can store your favourite items but you can also send your list to other people.... a big hint for what you would like for your birthday or at Christmas.

"Really?" she said and I could tell she was thinking of the times she had opened a gift to find something that would either have to go back to the shop or hide in the wardrobe for ever and a day. "That's a great feature".

And it is. Essili has the Wish List Feature which you can find on each product page. Imagine never being disappointed with a gift ever again. It would be great wouldn't it?

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