Making Your Undies Last

Wednesday, 28 August 2013  |  Essili

I don't mind admitting that I have some bras in my undies drawer that are over ten years old and they are almost as good as they were on the first day I opened their packaging. Good enough to wear regularly and good enough to look and feel great despite their age.

There are lots of reasons for keeping lingerie a long time and it is not because you are mean and resent spending money on new underwear. It might be that you love the style, perhaps someone special bought it for you as a gift or maybe it cost a small fortune so you have treated it like fabric gold from the very start. And there in lies the clue to keeping lingerie for a long time - product care! Look after your lingerie and it really will last a decade or more. And if you are looking to get value for money then a ten year life span for your undies is not bad. Whether your lingerie cost £19 or £190 it will reward you with years and years of wear if you treat it with respect and kindness. First and most importantly never machine wash your undies - it is torture for them! I know how tempting it is to shove them in the machine with the rest of the wash but really that is shortening the life of your underwear and wasting money. A gentle soak in hand warm water with a mild soap (not detergent) followed by a little swoosh around with your hands before rinsing in tepid water is all they need before leaving them to dry naturally.

That's it... its not rocket science and it is not expensive or time consuming to be kind to your undies. Follow that gentle routine for your lingerie care and over time you will be rewarded with a large selection of much loved undies in your lingerie drawer providing you with an excellent choice for every day of the week and the satisfaction of knowing that you have saved money by making your undies last longer.

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