My Favourite Bra

15 July 2014  |  Essili

This is the first in a series of surveys we have planned for the coming weeks.

We've started with bras because bras and bra sets are very popular gift choices in the weeks leading up to Christmas and Valentine's Day. More than 80% of our customers at that time are men buying for their wife or partner and it can be challenging enough for them just getting the size right without having to consider all the other options available.

If you think it is too early to be thinking about Christmas shopping, let me tell you that there are just 162 shopping days left to Christmas 2014 (as at 15/7/2014).

This is how the bra survey is planned to work:

  • Anyone woman can enter.
  • You do not need to be a customer.
  • If you provide an email address we will send you a discount code but you can remain completely anonymous by not providing your email address.

There is no timescale on the survey as we would like to analyze the results when we have a large enough number of responders to make the data useful. So we hope that lots of women will complete the survey very soon so that we can set up a "Most Popular Bra" results page in time for the Christmas shopping season. To help us achieve this we would really like you to share this page with your friends and family. Let's go viral with this!

Lastly, we can't promise that your man will read the results page. We can't promise that he will buy your favourite bra because of it but we hope that at least some men will take notice. It's down to us girls to tell them what we want!

Select your favourite from this list above.
Love them of loath them? Tell us if you like your bra cups underwired or not.
Back or front fastening, which do you prefer?
There are usually a mix of fabrics in a bra, but let us know your main preference here.
Are you a colourful girl or do you stick with black or white. Tell us your absolute favourite bra colour here.
There are a lot of patterned bras available nowadays. Do you like them? Tell us here.
Complete this if you would like a thank you discount code sent to you.


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