Retail Therapy is Really Good for You

26 January 2014  |  Essili

Still half asleep I thought I heard that a recent study had shown that there really might be some emotional benefit in going shopping.  So I decided to investigate properly once I was thoroughly awake!

By noon I was ready to give this topic a go and started searching on Google for some information. It turns out that "retail therapy good or bad" is a popular topic, surfacing on blogs and other news outlets quite regularly.

This most recent surfacing seems to have been picked up by the as well as the BBC.  The Independent quote their source as the Journal of Consumer Physcology who were reporting a study carried out by researchers at the university of Michigan in which they found

  • shopping could overcome sadness
  • shopping might restore a person's sense of control

However, when I Googled the topic along with Michigan University I discovered listings that seemed to indicate that this is in fact old news, with results for the Michigan study going back to 2012.

Of course it might be that the recent comments in the media come from a fresh study at the University but at this point in my investigation I decided that this was most likely a news filler and not really anything new and in any case everyone knows that a little shopping if it is for something that gives you pleasure is indeed enjoyable. It only becomes negative when you have to buy something you cannot afford or really don't want.

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