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Thursday, 31 December 2015  |  Essili

It never ceases to surprise us and depress us when garments are just crumpled into their packaging and returned to us in a state like this: 

Crumpled returned nightdress

We are left wondering how the customer would have felt if we had sent their order out in this condition and yet with depressing regularity some people think it is acceptable to scrunch the garment roughly into the packaging and return for a full refund - despite the fact that the garment may well not be suitable for resale having been so roughly treated.

Now we understand that it can be difficult to re-package something in the professional manner it arrived and we are not seeking perfection but there are often clear guide lines in the form of the original folds as can be seen in the images above and below:

Crumpled return nightie showing original fold lines which should have been used as a guide.

And yet instead of using those fold lines as a guide, the garment is rolled up or roughly folded into a totally different form, or even just scrunched up like an old dish cloth! Why we ask ourselves is it so difficult to simply follow the fold lines and how, we ask ourselves again, can people be so inconsiderate as to return an item in such a terrible state.

So this last blog of 2015 is a heartfelt plea to those customers who could have been more careful when re-packaging an item to follow the fold lines in future. Make 2016 a year in which we don't see any more crumpled rags like the one in the above images.



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