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Saturday, 1 February 2014  |  Essili

No matter how down to earth and unromantic you are the rest of the year on the 14th February you can let loose your more romantic side.

A card, a gift and a special night out, or in if you prefer,  could be the plan for Valentines Day.  So have you organised it yet?  Here's some ideas if you are still at the planning stage.

Valentines Day falls on a Friday this year, so you could take the day off work and make a weekend of it. Book a romantic break and let the hotel take the strain. We are based in Cornwall so there is no shortage of nice hotels or romantic locations nearby. One hotel we can recommend is the Boscundle Manor. We used it for a photo shoot a while back and it is a great place for a short romantic break.

Or if you or she can't get away from work how about sending some flowers to her at work. I've been in an office where this happened and the arrival of those gorgeous red roses was more than just a gift of flowers it was a public declaration of love! Not much work got done for the rest of the morning but the roses were a great romantic success. If you would like to do the same then you can order your flowers now from They deliver throughout the UK and have a beautiful range of bouquets.

Does your lady have a sweet tooth? Most of us like chocolate and it is great to receive a box of luxury chocolates but so close to Christmas and with Easter not so far away perhaps something different in the confectionery line might be your choice.

So far all our Valentine Day ideas have involved gifts that will not last. Flowers fade, although the memory of them may well live on, sweets get eaten and Champagne gets drunk but lingerie lasts. Which is probably one reason why it remains one of the most popular gift choices not just for Valentines Day but for other special occasions as well.  This year we are running a give-away on Facebook where you have the chance to win something glamorous. But if you don't want to leave this important gift down to chance you will find a great choice of undies and nightwear on Essili.


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