Seeking an Hour Glass Figure

Friday, 26 June 2015  |  Essili

One thing is true - all us women are different shapes! A fact which is so often overlooked. So inevitably as the trends come and go women all over the world struggle to make themselves into the new ideal shape. From stick thin to voluptuous curves there is no end to this merry-go-round of body shape fashions.

A trend being driven at the moment by celebrity culture is the demand for the hour glass figure and much publicity has surrounded the use of the waist training corset.

Just do a search on Google and you will find stories of women who have taken waist training to an extreme, boasting of achieving a 16 inch waist and posting images of themselves which would not be out of place in a cartoon, so extreme is their new body shape.

These extreme examples of the successful waist reduction using a waist training corset make little or no comment on the possible damage to the internal organs that can be caused by over use of the corset. Snug fitting garments that are too tight and worn regularly are not good for you. Only this week there have been reports of a woman who was hospitalised because of the tightness of her skinny jeans causing all sorts of problems, including nerve damae. So if you are considering waist training think carefully before you buy your waist training corset.

The best way to achieve a good body shape (your body shape) is a healthy diet and regular exercise. One of the best forms of exercise for strengthening your internal core and tightening your waist line is Pilates. A corset of any kind will shape your body perhaps more curvaceously but it will do this by compressing your inner organs and should always be worn with this in mind.

We recently added a waist hugger corset to the site and we did this only after some soul searching. Is it right, we asked ourselves, to encourage women down this route of body forming? To be honest we are still not really sure it is. Which is why we are also posting this article.

We are not against corsets... they certainly have their place. They do enhance a woman's figure and can be very glamorous but any form of body shaping by artificial means such as a corset must to be done with care along side a healthy regime of exercise and good diet.

The waist hugger corset available on Essili is a high quality garment made in the UK. The 20 steel bones will encase your torso and as you tighten the corset your soft tissue will be squeezed inwards forming a smaller waist. Over time this should result in a smaller waist. The corset fastens at the front and is tightened with laces at the back. There is a choice of fabric colours and the lining is cotton twill. This corset will help you achieve a smaller waist but waist training should, like most things in life, be done in moderation. You have been warned! And now, if you really want to train your waist or perhpas just buy a glamorous luxury corset, you can click waist hugger corset to see this garment and other beautiful traditional corsets.

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