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Wednesday, 30 September 2015  |  Essili

When we were small it was easy to organise the site so that it was intuitive and simple to use. But as the number of garments offered has grown it has become a more and more challenging task. So when we rebranded Ever-so-Sexy and became Essili we took the opportunity to create three new mega sized categories, silk lingerie, sexy lingerie and nightwear. One place to go for these three broad range categories where customers could refine the results by price, colour, brand and style.

It is now nearly two months on since the rebrand and we have decided that these mega categories are just not working for customers and are not really as easy to use as we thought they would be. In fact they only work well when a visitor has a good idea of what they want to buy and so can use the refine result facility. For anyone just browsing they are just way too big.

So starting with silk lingerie, we have today split the products in broad groups within the category.

  • Silk bras and bra sets.
  • Silk teddies.
  • Babydoll nighties.
  • Camisoles & sets.
  • Chemises.
  • Silk & Lace panties (includes thongs).
  • Long silk nightdresses.
  • Robes & Negligees.
  • Ladies silk pyjamas.
  • Lace & silk jackets.
  • Bodysuits

We hope everyone will like this better.... please feel free to give us feedback.

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