Some Masculine Thoughts on Buying Sexy Lingerie

Monday, 2 November 2015  |  Essili

It is almost a certainty that when faced with terms like ‘balconette’, ‘quarter-cup’ and ‘open string’ it’s going to cause a bit of confusion. Not only that but then you’ve got to then try to select the right erotic lingerie for your lady.

Here at we understand that buying the perfect sexy thong can sometimes be a difficult task. You may well be sat there thinking “is she going to like this pearl thong?”, “do I buy it in red or white” or “do I go for a bodysuit or a body stocking?”.

You may be looking to buy some sexy lingerie for that special anniversary occasion, to spice up your sex-life or simply to make your woman feel great. Well, have no fear – has all the information you need so that you don’t end up buying your lady something that’s going to make her look about as sexy as Bridget Jones.

Let’s face it, a girl likes to be made to feel special. She doesn’t want to be trying to seduce you wearing that horrible grey bra that languishes at the back of her underwear drawer. Novelty ‘Supergirl’ knickers aren’t going to cut it either. She needs some erotic lingerie that is going to make her feel incredibly sexy and which will make your jaw drop to your feet when you see her wearing it.

You’ve probably already got great taste in many aspects of your life. This can be seen as a transferable skill you can apply to the purchasing of sexy lingerie. Think of it as though you are buying a new car. Do you go for the £500 rust-bucket at Dave’s Motors or do you go for something new and shiny with the added extras at Prestige Cars? Obviously you choose the latter.

You can easily do the same thing when you’re looking for the right sexy thongs for your lady. Don’t go for the boring, plain garments – where’s the fun in that?! You want to be buying her the sports car of the erotic lingerie world. Something racy is the order of the day here.

It’s time to be adventurous – push the boat out a bit and try buying her something a little bit different. Something that’s going to really get the both of you going. That’s the point of buying her some sexy lingerie after all!

We’ve got great quality images and product descriptions which will help you tell your ‘baby-dolls’ from your ‘bodies’ so that the world of women’s erotic lingerie becomes plain and simple to you and you no longer have to struggle along wondering what the perfect garment is going to be for the special lady in your life.

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