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Friday, 29 August 2014  |  Essili

The naming of styles by lingerie manufacturers is somewhat arbitrary, resulting in some manufacturers calling their one piece garments teddies even if they more closely resemble bodysuits. This can be a problem when we come to put these garments into categories on our website.  So while we respect the manufacturers' right to name their garments as they wish we have tried to be a little more precise in our definitions so that it is easier for customers to find the style they want.

So in our teddies section you will only find garments that are clearly a combination of a camisole top and either a knicker or thong forming a one piece garment that is loosely fitting. Leaving other tighter garments that may be described by their maker as teddies but more closely resemble bodies or bodysuits, eg tight, figure hugging or minimal top combined with a thong, like the Beauty Night Gisele teddy shown below to be found in our sexy lingerie and bodysuits categories.

I am not sure if it is simply coincidental that the "teddies" that are really bodysuits are the lower cost garments from mass production companies and the real teddies are almost all exclusively from our high end designers but this is the situation with our brands and designers.

So having said what we mean by a teddy lets move on to talking about these cuddlesome garments. The real teddy, like the one shown below,  is we believe is everything a real teddy should be. It has a camisole top, is loose fitting and comfortable at the same time as being ultra feminine. The bodice of cami style top flows into a French knicker and the whole garment rests comfortably over your curves. The teddy below is the Lililana Casanova design, Vendome, a real silk teddy with French lace trim. Wear it as loungewear or as underwear, like a petticoat, under your day wear. As is it made from silk, a natural fabric, it will allow your skin to breath but keep you warm on the chilliest of days.


The lingerie teddy first made an appearance as the camiknicker, a one piece undergarment that you could step into, in the very early part of the 20th century when it was thought to be well suited for wearing under the shorter dress and skirt styles that were coming into fashion. The teddy continued to grow in popularity until the 1940's when it fell out of favour for a few decades. In the latter part of the 20th century it made a come back and continues to be a popular choice for woman looking for a versatile and attractive garment that can be worn as day underwear or in the boudoir and bedroom.

Here at Essili we currently have traditional, camiknicker style teddies designed and made in France by Liliana Casanova and more modern thong back teddies from English designer Diane Rubach which are made to measure here in the UK. You can see all these options in our luxury silk teddy section.

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