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Saturday, 20 April 2013  |  Essili

A good user experience when visiting a web site is as important as having great products. So much so that some big companies have a whole department dedicated to UX! Ever-so-Sexy is not a big company, so we don't have a UX department but we do want to get things right for our visitors and customers. This is why we are embarking on the Big Survey and we would like your help.

We'd like to know how you found Ever-so-Sexy and what you thought when you were on the site. Why did you visit the site? Was it to buy something, check on a price or get some information? Was it easy to find the products or information you wanted. Did you like what you found and did you buy something or did you leave disappointed? What could we have done to make your visit better?

Please don't hold back on your criticism! As long as it is fair we want to know where we are falling short on your expectations.

You can join in the Big Survey in a number of ways. You can sign up for our newsletter. The sign up form is at the bottom of every page. We will be sending out survey questions in the next newsletter. You can send us a message via the contact form or engage with us via Twitter and Facebook. You can also complete the Big Survey on its own page which you will find here. Alternatively you can write a reply to this post. It's up to you how you respond and how much information you give.

The formal survey period is 30 days from 20th April but this post and the Big Survey page will stay in place to allow visitors to share their thoughts and help us to continuously improve.

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