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Sunday, 8 November 2015  |  Essili

Running an online lingerie business is a bit like running a theatre. There is a lot of glamour and bright delights to see but in the background and out of sight there are a host of practical and possibly dull things going on without which the whole thing would come crashing down in no time. 

I am reminded of the last time we did staff interviews when 9 out of 10 interviewees said they wanted to work for us because it was really glamorous.  Really?!

So let's hold back the curtain for a moment and share some of the less glamorous elements of our business.

First and foremost is our ecommerce platform. The software on which our digital shop stands and without which you would not be reading this blog.

We use an English based company called BluePark who have been around since 2004. We have been with them since 2006 when we moved away from a USA based system which just did not meet our requirements. There software allows our shop to be open 24/7 and provides a secure environment from which we can trade.

We have a big THANK YOU for BluePark this year because without their assistance, our rebrand from Ever-so-Sexy to Essili would not have been so trouble free. Thank you BluePark

Our biggest supplier by far (excluding garments) is the Royal Mail. 99% of our orders are shipped using Royal Mail including the international ones. With such a big operation it is impossible to develop a human relationship, especially when we are David to their Goliath. So it is down at the individual level where that happens and we have nothing but praise for our local Royal Mail staff who turn up in all weathers, through traffic jams and road works to collect our orders so that they can wing their way to our customers. Further thanks have to go to local courier drivers from UPS, DPD, DHL and Parcel Force who all provide a great local service for our inbound stock deliveries.

Packing is an important element of our day to day business. That includes the pretty paper and smart boxes that we use for gift wrapping.  Postal packaging needs to be robust to ensure protection of delicate garments during transit but light and small enough to keep postal costs as low as possible. For the outer packaging we use a number of  suppliers including Davpack, Rajapack and Noble Packaging. All these suppliers provide us with a reliable fast delivery of good quality packaging materials so that customer orders can arrive nicely wrapped.

That just leaves our office where everything from buying new product to maintaining the website and processing orders goes on. As with all offices there is the usual range of equipment. Computers courtesy of Dell, printers courtesy of HP and telephone equipment, broadband service etc., courtesy of BT.

Office consumables such as pens, printer paper and staplers are supplied by Rajapack and ink cartridges come from Crazytoners, a small online supplier. 

All these suppliers, large and small play a huge part in the smooth running of our business and so we would like to say - thank you to them all for being there.


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