The Changing of the Season

Saturday, 14 September 2013  |  Essili

The first autumn storm is due to hit the UK this Sunday and yet today (Saturday) the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there is hardly a breeze to disturb the ripening fruit on the apple trees. Such is the lull before the storm and it is an exact parallel to what happens in an online lingerie boutique at this time of year. We're calm if not quiet and the stress levels are reasonably low. The first of the new season designs are already on the site with more to come in the next few weeks and stock is available to sell. But like the weather things are soon going to change.

Tomorrow is not just going to be the day when the first autumn storm arrives, it is also the day when the Christmas count down begins. It will be just 100 days to Christmas 2013. That will be 100 days when we add more new season designs, gift wrap 60% more of your orders, answer more of your questions every day as well as sending out more frequent info news letters to keep you up to date with last order dates and last post dates and of course tell you about the choice of beautiful nightwear and undies that might make someone very happy on Christmas morning.

I would not be telling the truth if I said we did not enjoy this frantic time of year. It is exciting and as we do more that 40% of our annual business in the three months running up to Christmas it is a really important to get things right.

There are two ways in which our customers can help with this. The first and simplest is for customers to shop early - this is particularly true when buying our designer, made to order garments, as time must be allowed for their manufacture as well as the shipping and as demand increases the time for manufacturing also gets longer. The next most important way in which a customer can help us to meet their requirements is to read the information on the product pages. Every product has an estimated despatch and with that information it is possible to ensure an order is placed in good time for a delivery that will not be a nerve racking last minute panic.

So batten down the hatches! Get ready for the storm and let's enjoy the Christmas season 2013.

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