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The Latest Lola Luna G String

Thursday, 28 March 2013  |  Essili

The announcement of a new Lola Luna string can send ripples of excitement among the fans and followers of Lola Luna and when it is a variant of a popular existing design it is a recipe for success in terms of Lola Luna sales. The latest new design from the French brand is Kerala micro... a micro string version of a popular style that has been available as a standard closed string for some time. By Lola Luna standards Kerala could be considered understated. The side links do have crystals but not in the glittering clusters to be found on other styles such as Togo. The front panel is simple, a naked tulle base with an embroidered flower... not actually defined by Lola Luna but most likely an orchid. There are two shades of fuchsia pink used in the embroidery. And that is it apart from the pale pink faux rose quartz oval stones in the side links. Are we disappointed?  Absolutely not! Sometimes understated is good and it certainly is with this new micro g string from Lola Luna have been selling Lola Luna since 2006. All the stock is based in the UK for immediate despatch.

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