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7 November 2015  |  Essili

Sexy lingerie is the gift that provides pleasure for each party but equally it can bring down disaster if the wrong style is bought. Every January the returns department of sexy lingerie shops are kept busy accepting returned undies with sad little messages like. “She would not wear it!” “Sorry but my girlfriend did not like it.” Plus the most depressing message of all: “We are no longer together so I don’t need this anymore.”

It may not have been the lingerie in itself that caused the break-up of the relationship but all of these return notes show that the man in question was not “in tune” with his other half.  He had chosen a garment that he would like to see his girlfriend or wife wearing without stopping to think if she would like wearing it.

So before clicking that buy button and investing in some erotic underwear consider the following check list that should help the gift be a success.


Usually only bra, panty and or dress size are enough to be able to choose the correct size. It takes the sparkle out of a Christmas gift if the delight of opening the wrapping is swiftly followed by the disappointment of finding the lingerie does not fit. So have a rummage in the underwear drawer to check sizes before you order.


This can be the most difficult to get right. First consider how happy your other half is with her body image. If she is comfortable in her skin and proud of her body she is more likely to be happy wearing a quarter cup bra or open string. But if she is a little overweight and carrying some extra padding in awkward places then she is likely to be happier in something a little more discreet.


People very often over spend at Christmas, stacking up problems for the New Year. If you are struggling to pay bills, your other half is unlikely to thank you for spending a small fortune on a bit of lace. So buy appropriately to your budget and do not spend more than you can afford and if your lady has champagne tastes and you have a soda water budget it is better to buy one small special thing that is truly luxurious than a lot of cheaper undies that are really nothing special.


Where you shop is as important as any of the other considerations. Be sure you buy from somewhere with a no quibble returns policy that is extended at Christmas time so that you can shop early. If you are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to packing find somewhere that will wrap your gift professionally.

Suggested brands.

For affordable and glamorous lingerie, Axami is a brand that offers a wide range of both full cup bras with matching panties and more daring open and quarter cup styles. France is a country known for high fashion and romance so it is hardly surprising that one of the best erotic lingerie brands is French. Luxxa Lingerie, like Axami offers designs that range from sophisticated and discreet to daring and glamorous. If one high impact sexy garment is the choice then a Bracli thong, famous from its appearance in Sex in the City or one of the little works of art, jewelled g strings, from Lola Luna should do the trick.

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Or check out the brands mentioned above at the following links:

Axami : Luxxa : Bracli : Lola Luna


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