The Two Minute Guide to Bra Styles

Sunday, 4 October 2015  |  Essili

We recently reorganised our bra section, subdividing it into different bra styles and we realized just how confusing the different names and styles can be. So we thought it was time for a quick guide to bra styles. So here it is - the two minute (or less) guide to bra styles.

  1. Balconette bras, often described as demi cup or shelf bras. This misses out all the balconette bras that have a full cup. The one constant on a balconette bra is that the straps are attached at the side of the cup. 
  2. Padded bras are bras with a padded lining for the whole cup. The padding can't be removed. The padding creates a rounded slightly larger form.
  3. Push up bras are padded bras with extra removable padding in the lower section of the cup. This bra is for making the most of your assets as it increases the overall size of the bust and lifts the breasts creating a fabulous cleavage.
  4. Semi soft or half padded bras have fixed padding only in the bottom of each cup. Sometimes wrongly called a demi cup bra, the half padded gives a little extra volume to the lower half of the bust.
  5. Soft cup bras have no padding at all but do have under wires. The lack of cup padding makes the soft cup bra feel light and easy to wear.
  6. Triangle bras or bralettes are made from two simple triangle shaped fabric pieces for the cups with no wiring or support of any kind and are best suited to people with small firm breasts. A bralette has not padding, leaving the natural shape of the breasts to fill the cups. 
  7. A demi cup bra is an under wired bra with the cup cut below the nipples, because of this there is no fabric to attach the straps to other than at the side and for this reason the demi can sometimes be referred to as a balconette bra. Half cup is the English demi cup and quarter cup is just the same except the cups are even smaller.
  8. A peek a boo bra is usually a triangle bra with slits that can expose the nipples.
  9. Cupless bras... its all in the name. Quite obviously a bra without cups. This style of bra may have under wires and side attached straps, balconette style or may take the form of a strappy piece of lingerie with the straps going around the bust and merging into centrally placed straps.
  10. Strapless bras, like the name says are bras designed to be worn without straps. Bras that have removable straps are not necessarily strapless. A true strapless bra has under wires, reinforced padded cups and additional support in the band to ensure the bra stays in place and does its job even without straps.

There are lots of other descriptions used for bras but above covers the main ones that you will find here. We hope it helps.

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