Three Top Tips for Buying Luxury Lingerie

Thursday, 2 July 2015  |  Essili

Luxury or designer lingerie is a real treat and one that most of us can only afford once in a while. So it is important to make the right choice. This is most important when buying bespoke lingerie that is made specially for you and so cannot be returned if it turns out to be a mistake. To help you with that special purchase we have compiled this short tip ship, three top tips when buying luxury lingerie.

  • Get the material right
  • Order the right size
  • Buy a style you know will suit you

1. Material.

If your chosen garment uses lace and you are more used to stretch lace with Lycra you should know in advance that the luxury laces used on designer garments usually do not contain Lycra and if they stretch it will be permanent. For this reason lace bodices on luxury chemises like the Plaisance nightie by Liliana Casanova will not hug your body as elastic laces do and if you put too much stretch on this sort of garment the seams are bound to give way. Keep this in mind when choosing your garment. Also think about your figure and honestly answer the question - do I have the right sort of shape to look good in a non stretch lace bodice?

If silk is your choice then remember silk is a natural fabric and each batch of material takes the dye differently. For this reason, if you are planning on buying a matching set, it is best to buy the garments at the same time so that the fabric is made from the same fabric batch.

Silk is an interesting fabric, soft and extremely fine to the touch it has the capacity to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is hypo allergenic and will be very kind to your skin. At the same time it will look great if you choose your style and colour carefully. Silk comes in a number of fabric types, from shining silk satin to semi transparent silk muslin or chiffon.

Polyester satin is also used on some luxury garments to provide a glamorous nightdress of chemise that looks like silk but at a fraction of the cost. Satin material comes in grades, some quite heavy and others almost as feather light and fragile feeling as real silk. Satin nightdresses from Coemi and Jane Woolrich are made with this very light fabric.

Satin made from polyester yarn does not have the same interesting thermal properties of real silk but it can be just as fragile as the real thing, especially the finer types used in high end nightwear. Like silk, luxury satin nightdresses do not contain stretch fibres and so care should be taken to order the correct size to avoid stressing the garment.

2. Getting the Size Right

It might seem obvious to say - order the right size, but you would be surprised how many customers don't. They guess, they assume, they stick a wet finger in the air.... no seriously people can be very slap dash on the matter of sizing but this is not something you want to be when buying luxury lingerie. It is a major disaster if you get the size wrong on a bespoke garment. You've spent a lot of money and can't send the garment back. If your mistake means the garment is too big then all is not lost and the garment can probably be altered but if it is too small nothing can be done! So paying attention to size when ordering is indeed vital. So double check your sizes before you order. Don't guess, make absolutely sure that the size you order of the measurements you provide for made to measure garments are correct.

3. Style

Above we hinted at the need for realism when ordering luxury lingerie. The garments all look beautiful on the models but when you choose your garment you must be realistic. If you don't have the figure of a model, if things are beginning to sag... as sadly they do over time, or if you have a few more curves than you really want then you do need to choose carefully when you are spending a lot of money on a real silk nightdress or bra set. Be sure that what you buy flatters you, enhances your good points and hides those little imperfections that you wish were not there. Then when you try on your luxury lingerie you will feel like a million dollars and your treat will have been worth every penny.

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