Top Three Tips for Buying Lingerie as a Gift

1 July 2015  |  Essili

Lingerie remains one of the most popular of romantic gifts but it is fraught with dangers as we can tell by the sad returns we receive just after peak giving times like Christmas and Valentines.

Once upon a time a man buying a lingerie gift would have to brave the underwear department in his local chain store or perhaps, even more embarrassing, visit the local specialist lingerie shop on the hight street. Now it is incredibly easy to shop for lingerie from the comfort of an armchair but that could be part of the problem. When embarrassment was a factor in the lingerie shopping experience for a man it could act as a brake on the man's choice, stopping him choosing more extreme options. With online shopping there is no such brake and the result can be disaster gifts that cause more trouble than they are worth. So here are our top three tips for ensuring you buy a lingerie gift that gives pleasure to you both.

1. Price.

Whatever the state of your finances it is sensible to think about the financial attitudes of your lady. Does she make do and mend? Has she no time for brand names? Does she watch every outgoing penny? Is she a no nonsense sort of girl when it comes to finance and might even prefer an ironing board to a new bra?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above questions then don't be too extravagant. A mid price option will be more than acceptable to the financially cautious female, even if you could afford to spend more and saving money on the undies might even mean you can get that ironing board as well. 

But if the lady is brand conscious and has Caviar tastes then you are best buying some luxury lingerie and if your budget is tight then choose something small - some luxury silk knickers or high end luxury stockings will be more acceptable than a great big cheap nightdress.

2. Style

This is potentially the hardest thing to get right but not if you think about what she likes rather than what you would like to see her wearing. Quite often there is a difference here between what the woman likes and what the man thinks she would look good wearing. But it is a gift for her and if you want the lingerie gift to be a success then you must buy something she will like. If you don't the gift opening will be a disaster and the day ruined by disappointment for both of you.

So consider what she likes - what are her favourite undies like? Does she prefer something plain or fancy and is she a black or white lingerie only girl? Is she daring and happy to wear something a bit naughty or will be she be consumed with embarrassment just at the thought of wearing a peek-a-boo bra or a sheer nightie? 

All this must be thought about as you make your choice. All wound up in the single question - "Will she really like it?"

3. Size

Assuming you have managed to get the first two right there is still one more final hurdle to clear. You've chosen the right price bracket and the style she will love but have you bought the right size?

The next worst disappointment after opening and finding some unsuitable garment is finding a garment you really like that does not fit. The spontaneous pleasure of trying on the new lingerie and finding it fits beautifully is blighted and the gift has to be returned. It is almost as bad as having no gift at all.

Lingerie sizing is full of pitfalls for the unwary. So just how does a man buying lingerie for his partner ensure he gets the sizing right. Research is the answer and requires at the very least some rummaging. Now, if you are close enough to a lady to be considering buying her underwear then you must be close enough to get access to her lingerie drawer when she is not about. So check out the sizes of garments she already wears. 

Look for the UK dress size and then when you go shopping look for that size option again. If you find a product that is marked up on the site as XS to XL etc., then look for the size chart that shows what the XS etc is equivalent to. Don't assume that all manufacturers size the same because they don't. For instance an M size Axami is a UK12 and a medium size Roza Lingerie is a UK10.

Having identified the size you need, what do you do when you come across a garment that is sized within a range, for instance - UK8/10. This usually means that the garment is fairly elastic and will stretch over those two sizes and you are safe to order if the lady wears either a size 8 or 10.  

The dress sizes cover most panties and nightwear but what happens if you want to buy a bra, basque or bustier where there is the complicated matter of cup and band sizes to consider. Bras are a contentious issue when it comes to sizing. No two women are exactly the same in size and yet it is expected that they should force their breasts into standard sizing bras. Worse still, bra manufacturers do differ in their sizing. So it can be more hit and miss buying a bra than any other form of underwear.  If you can buy a known trusted brand, one that the lady already wears, then you are on safer ground.  But if the bra brand is a new one then all you can do is check the size of bras she wears and order accordingly.

One last word about buying lingerie as a gift... well it is two words actually - gift wrapping. It seems like a great idea to opt for gift wrapping when you place the order. It may be essential if you have left ordering until the last moment leaving you no time to do the wrapping yourself but generally we think that not selecting gift wrapping is the best option. Once an item is gift wrapped it can be very difficult to check it out and you might want to do just that when your order arrives.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you are buying a gift and need some help then remember you can always contact us.

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