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Sunday, 7 February 2016  |  Essili

Are you one of those people that has everything organised weeks in advance? Or are you a last minute shopper, an adrenaline junkie who thrives on the excitement of leaving everything to the last moment? If you are the first type, don't read on unless you are open to a little additional gift idea but if you are a last minute manager then this article is for you.

Valentines Day gifts are more frequently left to the last minute than other special occasion presents. We think this is probably to do with its nearness to Christmas. For anyone who spent out in December they need to wait until the end of January before they can go gift shopping again.

So here we are with seven days to go and a romantic day to plan. Perfume, chocolates, jewellery and flowers are all good gifts. Add a special night out or even a weekend away and the occasion is almost complete. But we have left something out! Lingerie - the gift that lasts and can give you both pleasure. For those two reasons no Valentines Day is complete without a lingerie gift. So lets see if we can inspire you with the following list of gift ideas:

Lola Luna Monte Carlo.

Lola Luna Monte Carlo Open g string.

French made luxury jewelled g string. Buy it with the matching freshwater pearl pendent necklace and you have covered the jewellery and lingerie in one go. There are two styles of the Monte Carlo string. One open sexy thong style (shown in image above) and a closed version for the less daring lady. This now mature design from Lola Luna may not be available for much longer, so don't miss what might be the last chance to buy.

Bracli Pearl Thong

Bracli Your Night Double Pearl Thong

More pearls and lace but this time the pearls are more than decorative. Made famous in the television series, Sex in the City, the Bracli sexy thong is a sensuous treat that comes in a smart black box and perfumed tissue.

There are single and double pearl strand thongs plus black pearl versions as well. There is also a beautiful strand of pearls that can be worn as a necklace - once again that covers both the jewellery and the lingerie gifts for the 14th in one purchase. Most of the Bracli thongs are available in black, red, ivory or white.

Luxxa Ose Sexy One Size Thongs

Luxurious French lace, glittering crystals presented in a smart black box, the Luxxa Ose range solves your problem if you are worried about which size to buy. The Ose range of luxury thongs are fully adjustable, so that the one size will fit your lady whether she is a petite UK8 or a curvy UK16

So far we have covered just a few of our sexy thongs. But you will find there are more to consider in the sexy lingerie section. We probably offer more sexy thongs and g strings than any other UK based lingerie shop and nearly all of them are available for same day despatch. Which makes them ideal for a last minute gift.

Now let's broaden our list a little to consider the two most popular lingerie colours. Sexy black lingerie and passion igniting red lingerie. 

Sexy Black Lingerie

The French luxury brand Luxxa offers several options if black lingerie is your favourite. Made in France with all the fabrics sourced in Europe the Luxxa brand is renowned for the beauty and quality of its designs which range from stylish glamorous bra sets suitable for day wear to erotic styles for after dark. The only downside to Luxxa is the restricted range of bra sizes. Luxxa only offer as standard three sizes which they label, S, M and L which equates to S = 30C, 32B 34A - M = 32A, 34B, 36C  and 34A, 36B, 38A.  The all black options in the Luxxa range are:

  • Balance

    • Sophisticated black lingerie collection with quarter cup, demi cup and full cup bras, bodies and basques. Plus open and closed version g strings.
  • Love Noir

    • Sexy black lingerie designed for bedroom or boudoir. There have been some new additions to this collection recently - two versions of a sexy tulle body and a very alluring short nightdress in semi sheer black tulle. Love Noir also offers a very alluring lace mask.
  • Panama

    • Black lace lingerie collection, Panama is the newest of the black lingerie collections from Luxxa.
  • Taureau

    • An old favourite best seller with a really elegant black lace lingerie body and an open cup version for the most daring of women.

There are other all black options, Cannes and Sagittaire in the Luxxa range plus styles that are black with a contrast colour. You can see them all here.

Sexy red and black lingerie

Erotic Red Lingerie

Surveys have shown that for most men red is their favourite lingerie colour by far. So if you are buying lingerie as a sexy gift you can enjoy as much as the lady wearing it then it is quite likely that you will be looking for red.

  • Lola Luna Valentine

    • Appropriately named, this is a drop dead gorgeous open g string in red lace, eye-lash style with a red crystal strand central pendant and more red crystal strans at the side links. A real wow of a sexy lingerie gift that you can both enjoy.
  • Poisson

    • From Luxxa and part of their signs of the zodiac collection, Poisson is Pisces in English and is an all red lingerie design that combines French lace and Luxxa cross ribboning to create glamorous styles that will look great on your lady. 
  • Burning Fire
    • From Axami, Burning Fire is another best seller. Available separately there is an unusual peek-a-boo style bra and open string in a strappy style.

We have literally hundreds of red lingerie options for you - so if you just put the word "red" into the search bar and click the search symbol you will see everything from red topped stockings to red silk basques. Though remember for last minute warriors the designer garments are out of bounds because they are made to order and need some forward planning. Unless of course you are going to break you last minute habit and buy early for an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

So with only five full shopping days left we hope that we've given you some inspiration that will help make Valentines Day 2016 great for you and your partner.




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