What is a Negligee

Saturday, 27 February 2016  |  Essili

The French word for the garment that we often call a negligee is deshabille. The literal translation for the word negligee is neglected. So how or perhaps why did that light and often luxurious bedroom garment get such a strange name.

Sonata Lingerie Sonatine black lace negligee with black silk trim.

It is thought that the answer does not mean the garment is neglected or that the wearer of such a garment will be neglected. It actually refers to the housework which will be neglected by anyone wearing a negligee. Which seems logical. I can't imagine anyone in their rubber gloves, deep in washing up suds, wearing one of our glamorous negligees.

So ladies, if housework does not turn you on and you feel like enjoying some luxury get your partner to invest in a beautiful bedroom set including a matching negligee.

You can float ethereally around the room in silk chiffon and French lace to your hearts content, confident that the last thing you will be expected to do is vacuum the hallway or clean the bathroom.

A negligee does not have to be made of silk or chiffon. Lace is a good fabric and it is known that men find lace very alluring. Like the one on the side which is a Sonata Rapalyte design called Sonatine and is made of soft black lace, fastened with a broad sash of real black silk. No nightdress to go with this lovely garment, but you probably won't be thinking of sleeping when you wear the Sonatine negligee.

A negligee does not have to be long either. As you will see if you visit our onsite section which includes negligees, robes and jackets where we have short and medium length negligees.

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