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Friday, 13 May 2016  |  Essili

Classy lingerie, a term we see quite frequently with visitors searching on our site. So what exactly do those searchers mean by classy? Could it be that they mean expensive? Well possibly. Do they mean something that would only be worn by the aristocracy? Unlikely! 

If you put the terms classy and definition into Google search today (Google is always changing so it may be different when you read this) you get the following as the first result:


adjective informal

      stylish and sophisticated
      "the hotel is classy but relaxed"
      synonyms: stylish, high-class, superior, exclusive, chic, elegant, smart, sophisticated, fancy

This is of course a Google's own generated result taken presumably from another site and unfortunately it has no accreditation so we can't link to the true source of the information. The definition is accurate and is pretty close but we asked ourselves, could we do better when thinking about classy in the context of clothes and most specifically classy lingerie? So we looked again. It always pays to scroll down in the Google results. Very often the real gems are lower down the page, and may even be found on page 2 or 3. Despite or maybe because of Google's near monopolistic position in search their results are not always the best and with their their own income generating results increasingly pushing the organic results down the page it is almost essential to scroll down to find anything worthwhile. And so it was on this occasion for we found the Merriam-Webster definition which we thought was just a tad more relevant when considering classy clothes lower down the Google page.

Simple Definition of CLASSY

:  having qualities that make someone or something special and attractive

:  showing impressive character : very good, kind, etc

And there it is in the first line of this definition - "having qualities that make someone or something special and attractive." Or more precisely in our context, classy lingerie is something that has qualities that will make the woman who wears it feel special and attractive.

So what are those qualities? It does not necessarily have to be linked to price but as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and so the cheaper the garment the more likely that corners have been cut somewhere in order to produce at the lower price. It might be the working conditions of the employees making those garments but it is also very possible that it is the fabrics and the finish that are not of top quality.

So we can deduce that classy lingerie should exhibit the following features:

  • Good fit.
  • Well made.
  • Good fabrics.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Beautiful design.

Luxxa Guimauve Sheer Lingerie BodyA typical classy lingerie garment at Essili would be something from Luxxa Lingerie, like this sexy lingerie bodysuit called Guimauve, shown here. Styled to flatter a woman's shape and make her feel beautiful.

Luxxa are a French brand and each garment is made using the very best of fabrics which are all sourced in Europe. In the example here the lace on the bust is from France and the tulle for the body section is from Italy. Tiny real Swarovski crystals, a brand known the world over for luxury, add glitter to the bands that run above the triangle shaped bra section. Even the threads used to sew the garment are from Europe - Romania.

All the elements of this attractive garment are sewn together in South West France by expert and experienced seamstresses. So no detail has been spared by Luxxa when they create a garment that can truly be described as classy.

The Luxxa size range (UK8/10 to UK12/14 and bra sizes from 32B to 36C) is small but the fit is perfect so each Luxxa garment will make the very best of a woman's shape and be comfortable to wear.  When buying a Luxxa bra you may need to take advantage of relative cup sizing and buy a 34B if you normally wear a 32C and a 36C if your size is 34D, although we do have a limited number of 34D Lagon draped bras in stock, they are normally a special order. But there is more to well fitting lingerie than the bra size and to accommodate the variety of female shapes, Luxxa Lingerie often have little design features which allow the wearer to adjust the fit to their own shape. 

Quality fabric in a well made garment with options to adjust the fit result in something that is comfortable to wear and makes the best of a woman's shape and Luxxa meet all of these requirements together with original and innovative designs that just shout out French chic and novelty makes them an obvious contender for the title classy lingerie.

Classy black balconette bra with deep band As already mentioned classy lingerie can be thought of as expensive and certainly Luxxa is not an inexpensive brand but there are some less costly items on Essili that could still fall into the classy category because they will make the wearer feel attractive or special.  

For instance, in the bra section we have several European brands all of which make good quality well fitting underwear in figure flattering styles to suit all tastes.

They succeed in making the wearer feel attractive and so must be included in this review of what constitutes classy lingerie. The first brand that comes to mind is Axami. They have many of the qualities of Luxxa and like Luxxa they offer both day lingerie and boudoir lingerie including a large selection of sexy open bras in a wide range of sizes.

To the side we have the deep band balconette bra Dorado from Axami which is a gorgeous black bra with lace panels on the band and lace cover to the cups. The black lace has a contrasting weave of gold threads which adds sparkle and a sense of luxurious glamour. 

Based in Poland, Axami is an award winning manufacturer of lingerie and have a huge range of styles. The business was formed by a woman and is still run today by the same family. Axami have gone for scale both in the number of styles they produce and the choice of sizes. That scale allows them to sell at lower prices than the luxury brand Luxxa. So if your budget does not run to luxury French chic, you can still have European made glamorous lingerie that is definitely classy from the Axami brand.

Classy lingerie does not need to be for special occasions. There are two brands on Essili that offer every day underwear that is classy as it meets the above requirements of good fit, good fabric, beautiful design and wearer comfort. These brands are Roza Lingerie and Gorteks Lingerie.

Once again they are European and offer stylish well made bras, many with matching panties and some with matching suspender belts.

Essili set out in 2006 under our original web name of ever-so-sexy to "search the world for beautiful lingerie so you don't have to" and that remains our aim. We find brands, mostly from Europe, that make a woman feel attractive and beautiful and so fulfil the definition of classy.

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