What is happening to Lola Luna?

Saturday, 22 March 2014  |  Essili

Update: 24/1/2016

The following blog post was first released in 2014 so we thought it was time for a quick update. First, for anyone not in the know we should explain the reference to Ever-so-Sexy in the first para. That was our name before we rebranded in July 2015.

Now we have cleared that confusion we can take a look at the current popularity of jewelled g strings and the market leader, Lola Luna. Usefully the charts courtesy of Google continue to update and so we can see that much of what was written in 2014 still applies. The interest via search for this product has declined over the years and now seems to have reached a plateau. The reasons we explored in 2014 seem to still apply and it does seem that for the moment there is no real sign of a return to the high volumes of the past - except.... look at the spike in Jan 2016 statistics. What happened there? We will do some research and if we find the answer we will update this post again.


We first started selling Lola Luna in 2006. Attracted by the intricate designs and the high quality of the fabrics and manufacture. They were a perfect fit for Ever-so-Sexy and of course our customers, many of whom were and are still avid fans of the brand.

At that time Lola Luna really focused on mini and micro g strings. There were a few bikinis in their line up, plus one or two jewellery accessories and one camisole top. The famous Zambie camisole which is still popular today.

But things have changed and continue to change. It seems that the sexy g string may have peaked as a must have lingerie item.

The demise of thongs and g strings has been frequently mentioned in the media, in fact it is almost an annual event now. But there is evidence to back up these reports. You only have to check Google Trends to see the pattern of decline.

A similar downward graph can be seen for the search phrase, "lola Luna". Clearly showing a decreased interest in the brand.

There are many possible reasons for this decline. It could be that tastes are changing and fewer women want to wear these garments. This would seem to be a very likely reason when looking at the graph for thongs only. But is it as simple as that? I think not! Take a closer look at both graphs and you can see that in 2011 the downward pattern for the search term "thongs" plateaus and then, although it continued to drop through 2012/13, the fall was less steep. While the "Lola Luna" pattern continued downwards steeply until 2013 when there was a slight upward trend before yet another fall.

Changing customer tastes apart, this continued decline in interest for Lola Luna happened in a time of greater competition. Other brands had moved in on the sexy g string market. Titlion, now known as Fearless & Fun, met the needs of the lower price end of the market along with many other sexy lingerie brands, while Marquise in Love offered very similar styles to Lola Luna and at approximately the same price and with the same French cachet. The Spanish brand, Bracli broadened its appeal after being featured in Sex in the City and then Luxxa, another high end French brand, came along with their Ose range. The Ose micro and mini g strings are fully adjustable - one size fits UK8 to 18, taking away the size nightmare from every man buying lingerie as a gift for his partner.

Lola Luna have bravely fought back against the decrease in demand and increased competition by expanding and broadening their range. More jewellery, more swimwear, plus bras and tops and chemises. All of which may have helped to create the slight upturn in 2013. Lola Luna even opened their own retail site and are now competing directly with their retailers - not an action we view with much pleasure and I expect we are not alone in taking a dim view of this action! From a customer perspective buying direct might seem like a great idea but except for French customers the benefits are few and I think Lola Luna may live to regret this move as inevitably retailers begin to promote other brands in their place and Lola Luna loses market exposure.

There is one last graph from Google trends which I will share with you. It does not make happy viewing for anyone in the sexy lingerie market place, whether they are manufacturer, designer or retailer!

What do you think is the cause of this drop in interest generally for sexy lingerie? Is it a change social attitudes, the result of aging populations in many developed countries or a result of struggling economies? Do you prefer less sexy underwear now or is it just a treat that cannot be afforded any more? Share your thoughts with us.

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