What To Do With Old Bras

Tuesday, 22 July 2014  |  Essili

I must admit that I have some bras in my lingerie drawer that are nearly as old as my grown up son!  Shameful, I know, but they are so pretty and were, in their day, my favourites. As I grew they did not but being an optimist I kept them in the vain hope that I would one day be able to fit into them again. There are three bras in this category.

Then there are the comfortable bras, the ones that do still fit but are looking much the worse for wear just because they are the first choice for comfort. There are five bras in the comfortable category of just still wearable and oh so easy to wear I don't want to give them up.

The next group is the uncomfortable ones.... the mistakes! The bras that look good but are hell to wear and there are several in this group.

Next are the special occasion bras... pretty or glamorous and a good fit but hardly ever worn because special occasions don't happen every day. There are four in the special occasion category that are still in good condition.

Lastly there are the broken ones, the ones with only one underwire because the other disappeared in the wash and others with snapped wires that viciously stabbed me in the ribs when they broke. Why have I kept them!?

So it is time to go to it girl! Sort that bra drawer out now. First put them into groups.

  • Beyond repair
  • Repairable
  • Condition good but never going to wear again
  • Condition good and still wearing regularly

It is obvious that the bras in good condition and still being worn regularly can go straight back into the drawer. It is the other three groups that take a bit more consideration.

Let's start with "repairable"... now as I am being honest with myself (and you) I have to admit that the likelihood of me actually making time to put new wires into an old bra or sew the fastening that is coming away is just about as remote as me going to Mars. So lets just agree that those three heaps of bras on my bed are all in need of a new home.... even the ones in the beyond repair pile - maybe! I don't want to add even a small amount to landfill if I can help it.

At this point I needed the assistance of Google. And no, I did not invite Google into my bedroom to take an image of my unwanted undies - I know it seems that Google is everywhere nowadays but they haven't yet made it to my bedroom! But I did need their search results and this is what I found when I used the search phrase "what to do with old bras". 

Recycling Bra Bank

This is in support of breast cancer research and also supports Africa. Against Breast Cancer have teamed up with BCR Global Textiles who are donating £1000 for every ton of bras collected. There are bra banks in many locations throughout the UK and you can download a list of locations from their website.

In the interests of fairness to search engines I also did a search on Bing. The Breast Talk appeal (which is in support of the Against Breast Cancer Bra Bank campaign) was at the top of the Bing results but neither the Oxfam appeal or the Against Breast Cancer appeal appeared. So it goes to show there is a difference between the two search engines.

In addition to the charity appeals there were sites on both Bing and Google with options for upcycling or repairing bras but I did not take much notice of those since I had already decided that the bras must go!  So I am off to find my nearest Bra Bank and I have a nice tidy undies draw... although it does look a little empty now!

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