What's in a Name

29 November 2015  |  Essili

Most of our designers and most of our off the shelf brands name their styles. Some go as far as naming a collection and then giving the individual items in that collection a name. Luxxa Lingerie and Axami are two that go for this approach. For the most part it is a method that works and gives a sense of identity to the garments that a simple number could never achieve... imagine if the best selling Lola Luna string, Zambie was just called String 12423... doesn't quite have the same impact does it?

Sometimes though a name can have more than one meaning and this can result in some amusing surprises. For instance in the Eclissi de Luna collection by Axami there is a style called Dorado. Since the Eclissi collection has an astronomical theme there is nothing strange in naming one of the styles Dorado as this is a constellation in the southern skies. All good so far but it is a shame that the person responsible for choosing the name did not do a little more research because, as with many constellations, Dorado is named after a physical creature. Dorado is Portuguese for dolphinfish. Now I bet you are thinking well that is not so bad, dolphins are beautiful intelligent creatures. The problem is the dolphinfish is not a dolphin, which is a mammal. Otherwise known as mahi mahi, the dolphinfish is a true fish and not a very pretty one either. Suddenly the name Dorado does not seem quite so good. 

Happily the Axami Dorado style is exceedingly attractive. A black design with gold threads delicately woven through the lace it has the look of luxury and makes a great gift or special occasion lingerie. With push up bra, thong and strappy garter belt plus matching fishnet available separately allowing you to mix and match for the set you like most.

Other style names that we have often thought must cause confusion are the Luxxa styles Cancer and Scorpion. Unless you know that they are part of a collection using the signs of the zodiac as a theme you could be left wondering why any brand would want to name their designs after a terrible disease or a stinging insect!

The most recent new collection from Luxxa has a theme that should not cause too much confusion. The collection is called Sweets & Delicacies, in French douceurs et gourmandises. So far Luxxa have released just two styles in this new collection are called Cachou, we all recognise cachou as a sweet, very often a lozenge for sweetening breath and Guimauve Noir which means Black Marshmallow. Unusual, but like the garments themselves delicious and very sexy!

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