Would You Buy a Gold Bra?

Thursday, 15 August 2013  |  Essili

The answer to the head line is - of course you would! We have at least one gold bra available at the moment which is popular with our customers. But I am not writing about a gold coloured bra... no this is a bra with real gold thread and is an entirely different beast.

I've just been reading on the Daily Beast about a new luxury lingerie line that has 24-karat gold woven within the thread used in the underwear. According to the article, written by Katie Little, 10 to 20 grams of gold are contained in each garment. The company, Rococo Dessous, are aiming this line at high net worth individuals internationally, including Russia and the Middle East and are also talking to high end outlets such as Harrods and Selfridges.  Sascha Hertli, the CEO of Rococo Dessous came up with the idea while talking with private banking clients when working as a consultant in Qatar. Which made me wonder at the sort of conversations that occurred in those meetings... forgive me but does underwear, let alone gold threaded underwear, trip off the tongue when discussing banking?

The use of metal fibres or precious jewels in or on clothes is not new.  As early as the Bronze Age gold was used to make clothes more beautiful. Although such ostentatious extravagance has usually been reserved for outer garments, often being used as a display of wealth or power. It is therefore to be wondered if the use of gold thread in underwear will attract the number of buyers that Rococo Dessous would wish in order to make their line profitable. I certainly wish them good luck with the venture, but with price tags over £1000 and possibly a limited market appeal, it will be interesting to follow their progress. For their sake I hope that the comments at the end of the article are no indicator of future demand.  Certainly, those comments do not indicate an overwhelming desire to rush out and buy a gold embellished bra among the readers of the Daily Beast.

Meantime, here at Ever-so-Sexy we will continue to offer our luxury lines, Jane Woolrich, Diki, Sonata Lingerie and Liliana Casanova to our international high net worth customers who seem perfectly happy with the more traditional luxury fabrics of silk and lace.

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